Obama White House Threatens Wikileaks: STAND DOWN!

Last night, at 4 AM Eastern Time, Julian Assange, the mastermind behind Wikileaks, held a video-conference that was supposed to be about specific information pertaining to Hillary Clinton. Assange had reported that his next release would have Hillary arrested. Trump Insider Roger Stone, who had been briefed on the content of the leaks, tweeted:

And yet, last night, what we got was a hastily prepared "10th Anniversary of Wikileaks" announcement, some discussion of Assange's new book, and a very, very clear message that Assange was not specifically going to compromise Hillary Clinton:

"There's been a lot of misquoting of me and WikiLeaks publications. In this particular case, the misquoting has to do with 'we intend to harm Hillary Clinton' or I intend to harm Hillary Clinton or I don't like Hillary Clinton. All those are false."

To say this was an unexpected let-down would be to put it mildly. We felt we were missing something and reached out to a source inside the Clinton campaign to see if they could shed light on why Assange did not deliver.

Our source, who was briefly inside the "war-room" (the suite where Clinton's organization meets in private) was unwilling to share specifics due to the limited number of people who were given the demonstration but pointed us to this video as a "general direction"

The source said that Assange was given a "leak" to the specific capabilities of the unit hours before his announcement and was told he was "free to release the information as the last release Wikileaks would ever produce."

We think it worked.