Hillary To Mainstream Media: KILL THE INTERNET POLLS!

What you see up there is a combined image of virtually every internet-poll that took place after the first presidential debate. At the top are Time, CNBC, and Fortune. As you can see, Donald Trump handily won all of them. The polls represent millions of users, they are not "controlled" or "adjusted" the same way that "professional polls" (kind of like "professional wrestling") are. You go, you vote, that's it.

If someone tries to game the system and vote twice? Well, sure--but you're up against all the other internet users who could be doing the same thing. In other words, it's a real poll the way real people really understand polling. They were conclusive.

As Bill Mitchell pointed out on Twitter, this is a real measure and it showed a real lead.

RealTrueNews: What can you tell us?

Source in Hillary-World: It's gotten a LOT tighter with security. We don't even mostly even get to see her--but she's fucking MAD. It's scary. They're losing it and they're doing witch-hunts. It's not going to be long before someone comes after me--proof or not.

RTN: What did you want to tell us about the polling?

SHW: They're shutting them down. All the ones they can. Time, Politico I think, everyone they can beg, buy, or threaten. They want no more of that shit. That's the message. People were dispatch. There were a bunch of calls. No more Internet polling.

They even went after Hannity on Fox. They've got the goods on someone there. They're demanding everyone bend the knee and dump the snap polls. Approved outfits only.

RTN: Who is approved?

SHW: PPP, obviously. I don't know. There's a list. They're working the others. Like I said, they went compartmentalized. They knew they were leaking so everything is like a cell now. I mean, I hear things. People talk. There's gonna be some ship-jumping and folks are scared. So, yeah. They said no more internet polls and they told everyone to spread the word about think-piece-shit.

RTN: Meaning what?

SHW: Everyone has to write an article about how Internet polling is bullshit and push it hard. It's like a homework assignment. They had all these specific bullet points. The deal is Hillary Won. Period. No interference.

RTN: Figures. Can you stay safe?

SHW: I dunno man. I dunno. It's getting dark over here. I mean the mood and shit. I might need to get out and lay low.

RTN: We'll do what we can from here.

SHW: Thanks.