Debate Hillary: Brain-Jacked Zombie?

People watching the debate Monday night, including us, were amazed at how good Hillary looked. From being unable to stand for 30 minutes a few weeks ago and collapsing like one of the World Trade Towers trying to get into a van to being able to go 90 minutes without a sip of water struck us as . . . odd. We weren't the only ones. Sharp-eyed observers caught the view of something under her clothes:

What was it? A microphone? We didn't think so. Firstly, Hillary could and probably did, have an ear-piece that would be much smaller and would easily last 90 minutes. No need for bulky hardware. This led to a more sinister suggestion: A Deep Brain Stimulation device. These devices are used with Parkinson's patients. They put wires deep into the brain and use electrical currents to help mitigate the effects of the degenerative disease.

Could this be the thing in her back? We know she has been given field neurological tests (when she collapsed, for example) and Hillary Insiders have been talking in terms of failed exams for a while. Maybe she has a shock device (see her "Shimmy" when the current was turned on?). It's possible.

We think it's worse.

We don't think Hillary has Parkinson's disease. Maybe she has that too--but we have reason to think it's something else. Something more degenerative more mentally destabilizing. We've heard about fits of explosive rage and violence, coughing up blood, and telling aides to kill people she doesn't like (to be fair, that could just be good old Hillary Clinton). Additionally, the device for DBS is still pretty small--smaller than whatever was on her back.

What we were turned on to, though, when we stared poking around the debate prep forward teams (the crew of lawyers and negotiators that the campaign sends ahead of the candidate to set the terms, pour over the venue, analyze the camera angles, and, of course, try to "work the refs") was this:

What you see above is a picture from a DARPA experiment with a giant scarab beetle having circuitry wired into its brain so that they can control it electronically. The science started in the late 2000's but has grown in complexity since then. Called "brain-jacking," there are publicly available papers on using locusts for bomb detection or flying insects for kinds of surveillance.

There's also an initiative called SOLDIER-Z. This is a hypothetical attempt (no documents available) to have gear that would make an infantry man be able to "function" (partially) after "death" for a short period of time using an alternate computer-controlled electro-stimulation "brain" wired into his system. Still years away from any kind of field-test or deployment, the technology has been studied to place components in the brain-stem that can provide normal or semi-normal ranges of motion and motor control if the subject is largely unable to do it for themselves.

That does require a lot more processing power and battery (the kind of pack it looked like Clinton had). It's also possible, even probable, that a complex behavior like walking or gesturing would be controlled by a nearby team using sophisticated computers to model human behavior.

The heads up we got was that DARPA did in fact contribute some kind of technology to Team Clinton on command of President Obama. This was probably it. Contratulations, America--you don't just have a Manchurian Candidate: you (half of you) want an Undead Zombie President.