Did Someone Get to Breitbart / Gravis??

Let me start out by being very, very clear here: we don't know what's going on--but something seems fishy. Last night Donald dominated Hillary on the stage. Yes, the pundits did what they were paid to do and said she won but anyone who watched, millions of them, knew the truth. Every online poll showed Trump winning in a land-slide. Democrat outfits like PPP, of course showed Hillary winning.

But then came Gravis. Gravis is a pretty decent pollster and they've teamed up with Breitbart to do a post-debate flash poll. The poll showed Trump winning handily on trust and being a plausible president, which we would expect, but it had him losing the debate by 5 points.

That makes sense for PPP--but not for Breitbart. It also showed a national pool of Democrats at +5 over Republicans. That made no sense at all. So we reached out to Gravis. They're not answering their phones.


This is the data from the poll all right--but the header indicates that they did/were told to do something weird with it before turning it over to Breitbart. That smells funny. It also has some questions at the end that are disturbing to say the least:

We have seen the clip of the battery pack (or whatever) on Clinton's back but the idea that Trump became less coherent after drinking water is on a whole different level of worrisome. It has been noted that Hillary, plagued with 'dehydration' didn't touch the water provided all night. We also have no idea what happened with the "background text." As far as we can tell, it did not change.

We did some looking into this "Predictive Concepts." It's a company that seems to exist next door to Gravis but they have almost zero web presence. They are some kind of technology company that makes, according to estimates, 500k to 1M dollars per year with a skeleton crew staff. There are NO local reviews (the only note is price "below average") and THIS is their web-page:

Yep. That's it.

If any of this is true then something's going on.