Were The North Carolina Riots COMPLETELY STAGED??

What you see here is a screen-shot of a dark-web (google TOR) website that offers clients a ready-made activism event. They specialize in riots, protests, and other kinds of violent socially destructive "activism." We know for a fact that the DNC was organizing fake protests using actors and interns:

What if they were organizing actual riots and terror events? You would think that this would help Trump--and with an honest media, it certainly would. However with the media we have, it appears that (some) people believe that Trump's lack of government experience is a net-negative when dealing with civil unrest. Undoubtedly Trump would hit, and hit hard if this was happening under his administration . . . but maybe some people are (legitimately) afraid of that?

It's also possible that Hillary is (somehow) perceived as weaker and therefore safer if the country is in a moment of unrest. That's what we know Team Hillary wants us to think. Maybe they believe it can work. There's also the matter of Soros' Social Justice Brigades. We suspect that riots don't come cheap and we know that Soros has been pouring money into Black Lives Matter and similar forces trying to create exactly this sort of unrest.

Here are the rest of the images we got from the (non-indexed) Rent-A-Riot site: