MANSPLAINER: Harassment of Women on the Internet

Oh No! Someone Said Mean Things To Me!!

Ed Note: These are the opinions of writer Lex Icon and do not necessarily reflect the views of RealTrueNews.


The Internet is a pretty rough and tumble place as non-physical imaginary places go. You can get insulted, see mean things, and periodically come across a picture of a guy using his hands to open his asshole further than should be physically possible.

It's also, and let's be clear here, a male space. When a woman goes in to a men's locker-room, even if she's a reporter, she's going to see and hear some stuff that would be shocking to most girls. That's just a fact. When a woman forcibly inserts herself into a guy's night out doing guy things like, say, bowling, she's going to hear some 'real talk' about what guys think about politics, women, and the world in general.

It isn't going to be what they'd say to her face.

The Internet Is For Men

The Internet is a series of computers that was originally created to survive a nuclear war. It was created by STEM nerds (that's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math--the kinds of male-dominated degrees that are used to actually build civilization). It was inhabited by men from the beginning. Women, elbowing their way into higher-education, found their way online and started 'civilizing' the place.

This is pretty much what happened with prohibition, if you know your history.

All of that was kind of accidental--women, let's be real, were told to go to college. They were given contraceptives and easy divorces and, well, what happened was pretty predictable. There were also some forces (Hollywood, TV Entertainment, and Women's Magazines) that were sending them signals that all these "advances" were okay. It wasn't all their fault.

There were, finally, groups of women who did understand what was going on and intentionally worked to colonize male spaces such as executive management levels, military academies, and, today, men's bathrooms.

The Internet didn't have any gate-keepers but it clearly had all the signifiers of being by-and-for men. Things such as:

  • Pornography. Don't ever believe that women like porn. They do--at least they think they do--but what they like as porn qualifies for men as a soft-core R-rated movie. If they saw your browser history? They'd be horrified.

  • Games. Electronic gaming grew slowly but how many girls did you know with an Atari 2600? With a Sega Genesis? Playing Call of Duty? Right. Not many. And those that did knew that there were social conventions to be followed and that as someone who was being permitted to play, they had extra rules as well. Everyone got along nicely.

  • Usenet. This was an early message board with no rules at all. There was no way to moderate speech and everyone was anonymous. Needless to say, the kind of dialog that went on there would and did cause fainting-spells when college girls inadvertently got exposed to it.

  • Technical Complexity. Today we have all absorbed the lie that men and women are equal when it comes to technology but most people know that that isn't really true. The Internet, before the modern web, was hard to get on and required learning a lot of new technical skills. That's like a road-sign saying MEN ONLY.

Today: Feminist Entryist Action Groups

The nature of the Internet made it hard to keep people off it and there was a lot of confusion that resulted in a lot of hurt feelings all over the place. Now, this might have been resolved peacefully (I can imagine a browser for girls that has content controls that keep them off of the more offensive areas and focus on mommy-blogs and shopping and things like that, for example) but this never materialized because groups of feminists mobilized quickly and in a sophisticated fashion to ensure that it couldn't.

Women were driven to social media without ever having it explained to them what would happen when they got there. Once there were enough girls on the Internet then the feminists launched Phase 2. Phase 2 was where they started working to get "entry" into systems and services that supported men.

For example, video games. Once there were enough women working in games, in game reviewing, and being seen online (I'm not talking about Farmville either--I'm talking about real games) they, like a swarm of ants given a pheromone cue, all attacked at once. They started calling games sexist or racist or whatever -ist was working that day (capitalist?). This sudden onslaught caught everyone by surprise and there were enough girls flushed into the system that there was (or appeared to be) economic repercussions for behaving in a rational manner (no, Assassin's Creed does not need a female character).

So what happened was that as companies tried to figure out what do to when unexpectedly under assault, regular people--both men and women--started getting hit in the crossfire. That was entirely intentional.

The goal of terrorism is to get the people with power to over-react and make them look bad. That's what feminists did and are doing on a wide scale. When Twitter bans Milo, for example, they look like ham-handed fascists. That's because they're being ham-handed fascists--but this isn't Twitter's philosophy so much as a reflexive response to a coordinated attack they don't understand.

When feminists go online and poke the sleeping bear (a bunch of people who like video games, or want to Make America Great Again, or whatever) and the bear hits back (clumsily) they get all these wonderful tweets and posts and all that stuff to parade around like Cleopatra's body being hauled down they street in chains by the victorious Romans. That's the point.

So Do Feminists Deserve Harassment?

The answer, unfortunately, is "YES." Feminists online must be called out as such--just like Radical Islam must be called out by name if it is going to be recognized and dealt with. Society's unwillingness to do this allows Feminists, like ISIS, to organize and grow. Even worse, ordinary women who get caught up in the various online dramas (where a guy will just hit the block button) also need to have it made clear that they are being used as human shields and human catapult munitions by the feminists who need the world to see their emotional over-reactions (but never the initial action) and take their side.

This is going to be messy and horrible but we will all be better off once the Internet is properly segregated and made safe for its (emotionally) weakest users.