Amazon's Coming Chemtrail Apocalypse

Last night we started getting inquiries from a "writer" for the Washington Post about the Monmouth Polling leak (at least that was the cover). The "reporter" in question reached out to our support admin and asked some probing questions about who we were, how we operated, and the security measures we'd instilled to ensure we could keep doing this.

The cover-story produced was a puff-piece about the General Election and how people believe a lot of lies (we agree with THAT--we just differ on whose lies people are believing!). Then something disturbing happened: our technical Demilitarized Zone which is a network of virtual computers that lies between our actual operation and the Internet, appearing to be a normal medium-office computer network, started getting penetration traffic.

Our security expert (who is ex-cyber-com) said the attacks were coming from a shadowy entity called the Equations Group. They were highly sophisticated and they were virtually untraceable. We say "virtually" because the one IP address we did get (a report being sent back through an IRC anonymized relay) went to a very particular location: a location in Kansas that is a Vivos Underground Bunker for the super-elite. We know, from another lead we are pursuing that this is the current location of Jeff Bezos who runs and owns, wait for it, The Washington Post.

We don't think this is about the Monmouth Poll Leak. We think this is about Amazon's real intention. Amazon is getting ready to deploy a series of FAA-approved "Delivery Drones" (pictured above). These drones will soon, if they get their way, be criss-crossing the sky over your heads. They will (again, in theory) be carrying razors, Blu-Rays, condoms, and other light-weight desperately-needed goods to compliant consumers.

In reality, however, we have detailed information about the chemical tanks of Barium/Aluminum aerosol and the spraying units. This heavy-metal composition (it also includes Arsenic and Boron) in high concentrations is designed to cause cognitive breakdown, narcolepsy, and high-suggestibility (followed by collapse of the prefrontal lobe entirely). It could turn millions of Americans into short lived highly suggestible "zombies."

We think they are perhaps 2 months or less from launching these drones with their pressurized chemical tanks over our heads.

Surrounding Bezos in his security bunker (atmospherically sealed, of course) are a number of actors of unknown origin. The "reporter," a David Weigel, is purported to, in actuality, be an amalgam of interns, private investigators, and a few liberal speech-writers all operating under the same 'pen-name' ("David Weigel" did not respond immediately to a request to clarify his existence).

Attempts to further investigate his status and that of other "Washington Post Operatives" were thwarted by the Post's extremely aggressive pay-wall which we are currently unable to defeat.

In any event, keep your eyes and ears alert for Amazon Drones (and maybe keep a gas-mask handy).