SHOCKING: Why Donald Trump MUST Skip The Debates

The first presidential debate of 2016 is set to happen in 7 days, It'll happen at Hofstra University and be moderated by Lester Holt of NBC. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said they'll attend (barring a further "medical incident" on Hillary's part, of course--goes without saying, doesn't it)--so it'll likely happen unless there's another "bombing" or some kind of other "security event" that saves her.

That said, it is increasingly obvious that Donald Trump must not attend.

Why not?

The easy answer is obvious: it's a hit job and he should be politically incorrect enough to call it out and protest it. What should he do? Well, that's obvious too: He should declare he's not attending and then take a knee and refuse to answer any further questions.

Liberals just love that, don't they?

(The harder answer is shocking and we'll cover that below)


The Mainstream Media is extremely liberal and when Donald first announced he was running they salivated over the idea of throwing the Republican Primary into chaos. Well, they got their wish--he got a billion dollars of free air time and he got the love of the nation and the nomination. Today? Today instead of being a buffoon, he's looking like a leader and the media, with MSNBC at the front of the crypto-liberal (but not that crypto--like the crypto the NSA lets the US sell to other countries) pack they're planning to take him down. Make no mistake--this is a coordinated effort by everyone involved and even Fox News has taken hits (what happened to Ailes) for not playing nice with the bullies.

Don't believe me?

And so on. But that's not surprising. What's surprising is this:


You could be forgiven for not knowing who Lester Holt is--if you don't want NBC you wouldn't recognize him. He's one of the mainstream media pundits and (of course) registered Democrat, who went after Trump like a rabid dog for his Benghazi statements. But we looked deeper than that.

Poking around in someone's private life isn't cool--but if you're a public figure, theoretically non-partisan moderator of a debate we think it's fair game. What we found was flat-out horrible: Lester Holt has fantasizes about being tied up and spanked by Hillary 'Madame President' Clinton. We did searching on various social networks and got some tips that led us to a site known as 'fet-life' which is some kind of Facebook-for-sex or something.

Our tip led us to a profile that we're certain is Lester Holt. You can read it for yourself* (NSFW!!).

About me

Who am I ? A Major Media personality you may have seen on TV!

I am very careful about who I play with--but if you are a 70 year old dom-female, I very much am interested in meeting you. I have long held the fantasy of being tied up and spanked by a female leader of the free world. This would be my ultimate fantasy and I have created a passable "Oval Office" for us to use as a "dungeon."

If you can pass for a certain female presidential candidate (hint: Not the anorexic Jill Stein), please contact me. I would love for us to play together, 'Madame President!'

This is horrifying--but not really unexpected: they have picked literally the most biased journalist they possibly could for the first debate (the most important). Also, we knew liberals were pretty much all perverts. We also know that this won't be enough to convict Holt in the court of public opinion (it's not quite enough to prove it's him). However, we now know what to expect and we know Trump must not play into their hands. STOP THE DEBATES!!