The TRUTH About Birtherism

What you see above is the Obama administration's first attempt at the creation of a document that would prove to his followers that he was born in America. It's the short-form birth-certificate (Number blanked out) that had to hold the fort until they could get a convincing long-form created and planted. If you go to the hospital records right now you'll find the long form--but it's a forgery.

Yesterday Trump dropped a Truth Bomb on the media by pointing out that while it's politically correct to say that Obama was born in America (and, yes, Trump said it--as though he has any real idea), the issue today is who was behind the story. As Trump pointed out, it was Hillary that first spread the "rumor" via her surrogates (especially her friend and operative Sidney Blumenthal). When CNN (Clinton News Network) tried to call Trump a liar, former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief James Asher, called them out:

Obama's administration has done a very good job of shutting down inquiry into Obama's past using a mixture of muscle, shame, and a compliant media. But back in 2008? Back in 2008 Hillary--who is as corrupt as they come--had no idea what she was up against. Realizing that Obama's "cover" was thin, she started poking around. What she and Blumenthal found was that people deep in the Obama group were hard at work creating Obama's legend (a false history). They had hired a 'cobbler' (forger) to put together a paper-trail that they knew would surface sooner or later.

Blumenthal got there quickly--but not quickly enough. We wondered what he showed McClatchy that got them to send a reporter to Kenya to check it out. Was Blumenthal's word good enough by itself? We doubted it. So we asked. Here, used with permission, is our conversation with Jim Asher.

So that's where we looked: Obama's 2008 technical team, a document forger (a "cobbler") brought in to create falsified papers (the "legend") that would back-stop Obama's story and throw any investigation off the trail. Could we get them?

Turns out? Yes.

What you see above is the of the Short Form Certification of Live Birth. This is one that was circulated early among people who had just started looking into it. Go ahead and examine it--take a close look--close as you like--it's pretty good. Now, there are some issues. The first one is the stamp mark says 2007 and not 2008. That's because they did start early with a request for a real one that happened around December when the campaign for 2008 was just getting under way.

Secondly there are some artifacts (disruptions in the electronic image) that match the "blank" that the hospital provides--that's not as much of a smoking gun as you might hope.

HOWEVER, as what we got was the actual PROOF document the forger provided to Team Obama. Now, here's the inside story: when someone does this with a group as dangerous as Obama's Operation, you provide what is called, generally, Insurance. That's something that you code into the document that proves it's fake but will pass their inspection. That way, if they decide to disappear you as part of the package you have something to bargain with.

So where in the "proof" was the Insurance? We're better at vetting these things than Team Obama was--although they were very good. Look here:

See anything? They didn't either.

Zoom in. See it now? No? Maybe?

We can enhance it.

This would be Alec Ross, the head of Obama's 2008 Tech Team who was likely in charge of both document creation and analysis. The forger put in a note that he was watching ("Ross Is Watching") so that if the proof was released before the forger had gotten to "minimum safe distance" there would be evidence someone would find.

This (or an earlier version) is likely what Blumenthal got his hands on and showed to Jim and the team. So: yes, Hillary DID promote the story--but also, YES--Obama did fake his birth certificate.

We want to note something about the newspaper report of birth: While it's true that Obama's mother probably didn't realize that her son would be president some day, she did want him to be a citizen so she likely rushed to the paper and paid someone off to put in the announcement. That's not hard to do, not expensive, and leaves no trail. After that? You just need good forgers and a compliant press.

Keep in mind: