Uh Oh: Apple Prepares Patent For Hypnotic Mind-Control Device

If you think it's hard to get inside information out of the NSA, you should try Apple. Their security is better, their people are more loyal, and the penalty for leaks is a lot higher. Still, some people want to get the word out and there are always ways--at least there will be for a little while longer.

What we got was the pieces of a draft of a patent application for a device that would be sold as a phone with "improved" head-phones or augmented reality capability but would really be a machine that learns how to induce a hypnotic state of suggestibility in the subject. It would do this by monitoring various bio-feedback metrics through the sensors and analyzing email, social messaging / networks, and pornography viewing.

When the subject is using the device it would start using subtle and then overt implanted messages to create "purchasing decisions" or even "explosive violence." This device is not ready yet--the patent application has not, to our knowledge, been filed--but it gives a frightening look into what Apple (and, let's be serious, other major technology companies) will build when they can. Below is a shot of the application we got our hands on.

Normally we would issue a warning not to purchase the next Apple product at any cost--even if this isn't the iPhone 8, it's coming and the chances are it'll work--and you won't know it until it's too late. But who are we kidding: we'll all buy one anyway--or the Android model which does the same thing but is waterproof from the begining.