MANSPLAINER: Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees Celebrate Assimilation Into American Culture

You have probably wondered about these tens or hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn, terrorist ravaged Syria that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to bring into America. I'm here to explain to you how this (very non-transparent) process actually works--despite what you have been told.

Selecting Refugees

Europe is flooded with Muslim refugees and is putting pressure on its "good friend" the United States to take the worst of them. That's fine because Barack Obama would like to take a lot more than we currently have anyway. The gateway to this is the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) which takes train-loads of refugees and then tries to sort them into high, medium, and low-risk nationals.

There are a lot of international databases for tracking suspected terrorists and if our guy is on one, they go into the high or medium risk pool. If they're not? Automatically the LOW risk group--basically, if we know nothing about you, you're fine.

They also have a definition of Women and Children that leaves something to be desired:

As you can see, they are willing to count as a woman or child anyone who can even kind of "pass for it."

Risk Pools and Terror Quotas

Obama has ordered the deletion of millions of records that Homeland Security has compiled on potential Muslim Terrorists in the United States. Agents are also strictly forbidden from investigating social media or phone contacts to see if anyone the subject is in communication with is on one of the watch lists.

Once the selected Syrians are gathered they are then divided up into risk-pools. Like with beef, it is acceptable to have a certain number of high-risk known terrorists in a group of refugees so long as there are enough "women and children" to balance the 'risk level' out. It's like how you're allowed to have a certain amount of insect parts in a hotdog. This was not the original intent of the risk-rules but the Obama administration discovered that by counting sufficient groups as "low risk" (and packing them with ersatz women and children) they could actually admit known terrorists under the law. They've taken advantage of it.

Where Do They Go?

It will not surprise you to learn that all this is completely political. Syrian Refugees are used to "punish" states that Obama doesn't like and "reward" states (with Federal dollars for taking refugees) that Obama does like. Most of the refugees go to heavily Muslim areas so they can experience the lifestyle and legal environment they were familiar with at home.

Others are moved into highly Christian neighborhoods to "diversify" them. This, again, is standard government policy.

What Do They Do?

They don't assimilate. All documents provided to Muslims are specifically designed to make it clear that, for example, their children do not have to say the Pledge of Allegiance (or take the Citizenship Pledge as it is illegal under Islamic law). They are told how to petition local city governments and use charges of Islamophobia and racism to get things like Muslim-Only swimming pools and Pork/Alcohol-free zones.

Compliant police forces are given tables of criminal behavior to use in Federal and state-level reporting so as to obscure any crimes committed by immigrants (they are told to attribute them to Caucasians if plausible and African Americans if not). The most compliant police stations are rewarded with Federal Weapons sales of military hardware.

If you want more information, check out the handy RealTrueNews Islamic Immigrant Infographic we've put together to keep you informed!