Dark-Hillary Scenario: What If?

We, like everyone else, have been trying to get a look into what Hillary's real health concerns are. About all we can say for sure right now is that it absolutely isn't pneumonia. Hillary had, before the campaign ever even really got underway, set up a next-generation medical station in her daughters "apartment," a facility near her campaign headquarters and off limits to the media.

Following her "medical episode," rather than going to the hospital--as a normal person (or even candidate) would, she, instead, was ferried to the compound where she (a) received an unknown treatment, possibly involving illegal stemcells and (b) appeared a few hours later either notably thinner or seemingly healthy depending on who you believe.

She appeared without secret service agents and hugged a small child.

Okay--weird. But there's another, darker, possibility. A contact working at the CDC said that they have been asked to run simulations for a specific scenario similar to one that the US Government ran in 2002. That scenario was named Dark Winter.

In the Dark Winter scenario, a terror-agent infected with the smallpox virus moved across the United States infecting people with the mostly-destroyed--but still existent in laboratories--disease. You can read the documents--it's terrifying.

The contact, speaking anonymously and unwilling to even go on the record as an alias, then gave us four other pieces of information and told us to "connect the dots."

  • In 2014 a rarely used cold storage room was discovered to contain vials of still-live smallpox and other exotic pathogens.

  • An arm of the Clinton Foundation, Rodhammer Industries, an LLC affiliated with the Clinton Campaign, purchased in March $1200.00 USD of caterpillars from ButterflyStores.com. Considering that you can get 3 larvae for about 12 bucks, that's over 300 butterflies(?)

  • They provided us with the baseline numbers and locations used for the scenario.

  • They pointed us to a specific location in the original Dark Winter final report.

Scenario: Dark Hillary

The data file was a CSV (Excel) of times, locations, and radii of infection wherein 1 infected person infects 13-20 others and there is an incubation time of about 16 weeks. This is way longer than normal smallpox (we checked)--but could be a modified strain.

The pattern shows massive outbreaks on the east and west coasts, starting in New Jersey, then California, and then crossing back to the east coast before the final Wave-1 scenario ends with an outbreak in the densely populated heartland of Denver.

The orignal Dark Winter scenario was bad. This one is way, way worse.


We admitted to being stumped by the caterpillars. Could butterflies spread some kind of disease? Our research said "no." But when we asked our research head, he became very grim. He pointed us to biological warfare documentation which, after reading, we're never going to leave the house again without a protective mask or something.

He said that Russian bio-weapon experiments in the "Vector" laboratory used caterpillars to grow modified versions of the viruses they were working on:

A caterpillar that has caught an insectpox dissolves into a liquefaction of insect guts mixed with pure crystals of poxvirus. This is known as a virus melt. The melt pours out of the dead caterpillar, and other caterpillars come along and accidentally eat the crystals lying on a leaf, and they melt, and so it goes for millions of years in the happy life of an insectpox.

According to him the 300+ butterfly larvae could be used to create a massive stock of crystalline smallpox.

The Dark Winter Scenario End Game

In the Dark Winter Scenario, the United States didn't fall--but they weren't in the middle of an apocalyptic election either. Also in that scenario, the terrorist didn't have access to private jets, millions of dollars, and crowds (of any size, even small ones) closely packed with the infection agent.

In this scenario? That's not the case. During the end-game of Dark Winter, this is what the president invokes:

That's right--Martial Law and the Insurrection Act.

The Last Shoe Drops

This is scary stuff. Want to know the last of it? That progression on the Scenario Month Zero Map? It perfectly matches Hillary's June travel schedule. You'll excuse us while we book flights off the continent.

What Could It Mean?

Maybe nothing. The CDC runs a lot of scenarios. Butterflies are pretty. Hillary travels all over--and, hey, she's sick--but there's zero indication it's mutant smallpox. But what if Barack Hussein Obama, realizing that he was going to lose the election (that Hillary would lose) decided to use her travel schedule and her campaigning as a Typhoid Marry situation using lost stocks of bio-warfare agent to create a WMD crisis in America that would force the imposition of martial law while suspending elections, governance, and everything else indefinitely?

Would Hillary go for it? What if she was already dying of something (brain cancer?). You . . . think she wouldn't?