Secret Satanic Rituals at the Federal Reserve

We were somewhat freaked out by the Beast Bills that have been showing up and we started asking contacts if they had any information. We've yet to turn up much (it appears it might be related to an Augmented Reality Game--whatever, exactly, that is--or maybe not)--but we did get a very disturbing document that claims to come from the Federal Reserve.

It's hard to tell what exactly is going on in there but it seems to be a "spell" of some sort that collects souls (or something) from people who come to worship 'fiat money.' This is very creepy and, to be honest, the picture on page 2 (DISTURBING MEDICAL IMAGE, NSFW) of a flayed man was enough to kind of keep us from looking much further or too deeply.


We're presenting it because (a) it's pretty detailed and (b) we've always known the Federal Reserve was up to no good--so who knows. Maybe they're trying to summon/create a new god in their image. What we do know is that the Federal Reserve has the largest gold-supply in the world in its vaults far below ground. This is in spite of the fact that we no longer use the Gold Standard to back our money (so why does The Fed have gold?). It is also the richest central bank and the only one that is completely audit-proof in history.

So anything could be going on there.

It's also directly across the street from JP Morgan Chase--a bank that (a) does deal in precious metals (unlike The Fed) and (b) JP Morgan was, it turned out, one of the richest men in America--but his businesses were actually owned by the Rothschilds. It is possible (probable) that The Fed's secret vaults share a wall with the JP Morgan Chase vaults and allow illegal transfer of the gold back and forth.

So don't trust The Fed. And if that document is for real whatever you do, do not transact with anyone who has previously worked for The Fed--under any circumstances.