Hillary GOTV Strategy: Male Guilt, No Sex!

As the general election shows the Hillary campaign collapsing in even the rigged polls, we've managed to get a look at the "Messaging Push" they have in place for October by getting access to a private strategy conference call where the Get Out The Vote Team was reviewing targeted messaging materials for October. By this point in the general election they plan to:

  1. Have locked up most minority voters either with racial appeals or free Samsung Tablets (illegal, but this is their plan).

  2. Be losing badly with white men, especially in the suburbs. This is especially dire among working-class men.

  3. Have a solid edge with women because of the gender-vote.

This is the strategy they were reviewing as well as two of the projected fliers. What follows are some transcripts from the discussion.


Marketing Company (Elaine): We expect to be losing with working class men badly but we have a conversion opportunity with college educated white men around male privilege and male guilt. The materials you see here are very, very aggressive--but our research shows that in focus groups if there is any degree of peer pressure, men from academic backgrounds will show herding propensities.

Mook (Bobby Mook?): How do we get peer pressure in the voting booths?

Elaine: We think we don't need to. Once we perform a PC-CO--

[ Unknown ]: What is a PC-CO?

Elaine: Privilege Check Call-Out.

[ Unknown ]: Okay.

Elaine: Once we perform a PC-CO, we think they'll comply. It has to be aggressive, obvious, very strong--but the guilt-response has been instilled. If they have a liberal arts degree this converts around 72%. Sociology? Upper 90's. For the STEM--

[ Cross-talk ]

Mook: Forget about STEM. They're lost.

Elaine: We can do around 36% which is still good. They all got the same electives and campus messaging.

Mook: Who is the model?

Elaine: We're calling him 'Privilege Dork.' It's a place-holder. We'll have other demographic models in the final.

Mook: I like him. He's perfect.


Elaine: Our edge with women is definitely gender-driven. We've already gotten self-reports of marital and relationship tension over the vote. This next one leverages that tension for conversions.

Mook: I'm not sure I like this. Women don't like to admit to having sex.

Elaine: We've been careful not to use the terms. The chromatic-branding is feminine but still slightly ambiguous. We think it makes the point well enough for girls and boys to get the message. I also want to point out that this is already happening in bedrooms across America. We just offer the boys a way to resolve it.

[ Unknown 1]: What about legality issues?

Mook: Don't worry. We'll go through a screen. Plus, if the voters get fined who cares?

[ Cross-Talk ]

[ Unknown 2 ]: Ensure Domestic Tranquility is too cute. Too in-joke. Our audience won't get it.

Elaine: They don't have to, they read it literally.

Mook: I like it. It's clever.

[ Unknown 3: Female ] This is literally a 'vagina vote.'

Elaine: It is. Do you object to that?

[ Unknown 3 ]: Of course not. I just think it's funny you've managed to apply that to boys too. [ Laughs ]

Elaine: We'll keep refining these and working with the focus groups. By October we should have a full-spread demographic map with advanced targeting. We'll revise these and meet in another 2 weeks?

Mook: Good. Let me run it by Her Majesty too. She likes to be informed.

Elaine: Of course.


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