Hillary Preps for Commander In Chief Forum - Body Doubles, Disguises!

Getting Hillary Ready To Go!

This week, on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton will come out of hiding to enter state with Donald Trump. Sort of. The Commander in Chief forum is meant to be a "soft-launch" for Clinton wherein not only will she not actually be on stage with Trump, but will have the "moderator" as Clinton Foundation notable donor Matt Lauer. We have been trying to get information out of the black hole that is the Clinton campaign but they have closed ranks tightly--and there have been purges.

We did, however, get some tips:

A Quickly Removed Casting Call On Casting360.com

This is a fascinating posting--the dates ended on the 7th. The screen shot (it's gone now) looks like this:


The Emergency Rush Latex Mask

This one is even more mystifying and took some digging to figure out. What you see is an invoice from the Clinton Foundation to a company called RealFleshMasks.com. They make realistic, movie-grade masks. In this case the Clinton Foundation was buying a heavily customized version of The Grandma Silicone Mask.

From their website:

Could that be . . . Hillary?

A Theory - This Is A Test Run

We have a theory: whatever is going on at Clinton HQ has gotten so bad that they are using this Commander In Chief nonsense to try to prepare a strategy for the debates. They are looking for either a professional body-double or, failing that, a completely different person (probably Elizabeth Warren) in a Hillary Clinton disguise.

Watch closely--because the 7th will be when they see--in the friendliest possible scenario--if they can pull it off (Lauer, being a complete friendly, will not expose the fraud, the audience will be at a distance, and 'Hillary' and Trump will never interact).