Obama Admin Orders FDA to Fast-Track GMO Mosquitos

First the Democrats managed to prevent any Zika funding for South Florida, then, using a manufactured crisis, the Obama Administration moves in to order the FDA to approve and fast-track the creation and release of untested Genetically Modified Organism Mosquitoes into the natural environment. The exact nature of the modification kept private under Intellectual Property laws however the public release suggests that mosquitoes released will mate with other mosquitoes and then the offspring will die before reaching adulthood.

While that is what has been proposed to most lawmakers, our contacts on Capitol Hill told a different story.

RealTrueNews: What can you tell us on the record about these GMO Mosquitoes that are going to be used in South Florida whether the people like it or not?

Republican Law Maker: On the record, nothing. Off the record? These things are totally untested and there have been reports of side-effects.

RTN: What kinds of side effects?

RLM: The reports are sealed tighter than Obama's college transcripts, but what we were shown were prospectuses created for the military to transmit mosquito born pathogens over an area inhabited by the enemy. The idea was that you would infect your starting population with something terminal and then release them.

The infected mosquitoes were superior at transmitting disease to humans and to other mosquitoes. The original infected females mate with males who themselves become infected. An infected male would then transmit the disease to potentially tens of thousands or millions of female mosquitoes--the ones that do the biting.

Then, about three weeks later, they would all die off making the area ready for occupation.

RTN: . . . that's horrific.

RLM: Technically the US doesn't engage in bio-war research but under the Obama Administration all kinds of projects have been re-opened. The work was originally done with a grant to Monsanto.

RTN: Monsanto who makes all the GMO crops?

RLM: Crops, herbicides, pesticides. They created the weaponized mosquitoes but they were coming under fire from the public so they cut a deal with Zeneca Agrochemicals and spun off Oxitech. I've never seen an overseas biological vendor get approved so fast. The White House was calling in favors 24/7.

I heard people in the FDA trying to slow things down saying these new mosquitoes could transmit all kinds of things--anything blood-borne. HIV. Hepatitis, anything. They were shut down.

RTN: Can we stop it? Is it too late?

RLM: Zika is scary. They're saying now it can harm adult brain cells. The public is scared and the Democrats killed our last chance to do anything about it through normal channels. I'd say polling is right now on the Democrat's side on this. That's not the worst of it, though--there were reports--

RTN: What kinds of reports?

RLM: Well, the mosquitoes--they don't just bite people. They bite animals. They get eaten by birds. Things like that. There was some evidence of genetic leakage.

RTN: I don't understand.

RLM: Neither do we. This is all very, very untested stuff. It's using just-developed techniques like CRISPR to play god with organisms that were around when the dinosaurs walked. There was evidence that whatever was being done, it could make other animals become more . . . aggressive.

RTN: More aggressive?

RLM: This was being tested on tracks of land owned by the military. They had to put down a whole set of guard and service dogs. They became aggressive with their handlers. They think it had to do with mosquito borne infection.

RTN: Why do they think that?

RLM: It's not--the animals became aggressive--ready to bite humans--but not like rabies where the animal is just attacking and attacking. The dogs--and some other animals in the test zones--were--they would bite humans, break the skin, and then stop the attack to lap up the blood.

RTN: That's crazy--that's--

RLM: They had to quarantine the whole area. Then they burned it. I can't believe we're going to try this on civilian urban populations. I'm sorry, I have to go.

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