TOP SECRET: NASA Climate Hoax Plan to Kill 2.3 Billion People

We've been wondering what the end-game is on the Climate Hoax for a while. While there's definitely been the political weapons of grift (Solyndra), Picking-And-Choosing Winners (carbon tax), an attempt to humble America before the world (the Green Agenda) and a pathological hatred of birds, none of this seemed sufficient to keep the scam going. Indeed, it is expensive--buying those scientists, faking research, and keeping the media compliant costs 4 Billion dollars a day. Was it worth it? To whom?

Now we know the answer.

NASA 1996 Project Winter Eclipse

We have been contacted about a program created by NASA at the request of the US Government to kill off approximately 1/3rd of the planet under unspecified trigger conditions. This plan, code-named Winter Eclipse, relied on the lie of Climate Science to generate a man-made Nuclear Winter by deploying a thin grid in space that would be 3.8 million square kilometers and only microns thin. It would block approximately 8% of sunlight for 6 to 9 months.

This artificial total-eclipse-of-the-sun would cause massive starvation, deforestation, rain-forest destruction, and lay-waste to the equatorial regions causing a man-made winter that would alter weather patterns, destroy cities, and plunge entire nations into chaos.


Why did the Clinton administration (Bill's) draw up plans to kill off more than 1/3rd of the world's population? While the answers are not entirely clear, our contact explained it as such:

"The green lobby came to the conclusion years ago that the only solution to environmental problems was the wide-scale elimination of man. There are retreats where they, literally, pray to 'Gaia'--the earth-mother goddess. I've seen billionaires break down weeping at the 'trauma' they're causing 'her.' Make no mistake: these people are angry--they're furious--at mankind in general.

The idea of progress--of jet travel--of manufactured goods? The only way to 'break humanity' of the 'addiction' to them is to kill off humanity. Now these people, they're very important donors. They're political sponsors. They are the Democrats real, left-wing constituents. So when these people want a plan, they get one.

Now, are they going to enact it? Well, that's trickier: the idea is that the earth is heating up so, in order to buy into the idea of a space-based Sun-Shield, you have to believe it's catastrophic. That's what they're aiming for. The environmentalists actually want to cause global warming so they can do this. I've heard of factories that produce nothing but CO2 and other greenhouse gasses churning away in the deserts.

They want the crisis--so there can be a reckoning--a culling."

Winter Eclipse is the Trojan Horse for the Green Movement. It will be billed as a safeguard for the planet--a shield to prevent catastrophic warming of the planet. In reality, the shield will be twice as thick as represented and not nearly as stable in orbit (a point called L1 between the Sun and Earth). As it is not required to stay in place for years, it will be engineered to last long enough to cause its pan-global winter and then fall off course.

The plan to roll-out Winter Eclipse involved more and more agitated calls for action, a blizzard of counter-information to make it impossible for ordinary citizens to tell truth from falsehood, and the creation and activation of a Leftist-Cabal of Climatologist simply called GR33N. These individuals, indoctrinated from a young age and then inducted into the Church of Gaia, would have no visible connection to each other and could be expected to coordinate on the lie without needing a publicly accessible channel of communication.

We think that elements of this plan are being operationalized today with more and more hysterical climate warnings and discussion of "geoengineering" solutions that promise technical answers to an imaginary coming catastrophe. We also know that the Green Agenda has become an anti-humanity, anti-progress article of faith. Is this coming together? Keep an eye out!