THE LAST ELECTION: Plan For George Soros To End Democracy

What you see above is an image from a leaked document appearing to come from the "Open Society Institute," a George Soros front that is working towards implementing Agenda 21 in the United States by ensuring that the 2016 election will be the LAST ELECTION.

The document, obtained by RealTrueNews, is an executive level plan for creating simultaneous economic collapse, civil unrest, and a terrorist event (a dirty bomb in Seattle) to allow the imposition of martial law, a media blackout, and then a swift move towards a culling of the population and the creation of a new America--a much less populous one with a pesky constitution.



Agenda 21 was the globalist White Paper created in the Rio Environmental summit to modify society into a "sustainable" format. This 'format' would include much lower populations, control of all industry, private property, and freedom of movement (no cars). It was adopted by many nations including, somewhat clandestinely, America.

Right now Agenda 21 is being carried out under the Obama Administration in the form of Federal-Government funded "central planning" for communities (high-rises in the middle, limited growth around the edges, inefficient, but mandatory public transportation, surveillance zones).


This is a plan, a battle plan, that includes a Federal-Reserve led currency crash, bank-runs, and then the switch of the the USD as the Petroleum Exchange Currency to a foreign currency (the British Pound) to further undermine the economic collapse. In the United States factions with paramilitary arms will be inflamed and then led into a civil war which will prevent any form of orderly elections.

The result will be a defacto transfer of power from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton and then a perpetual "State of Emergency" as the nation restructures itself. Frighteningly plausible, indeed, echoing today's headlines, this could be a plan that is already heavily in motion. Click the link above and decide for yourself.