Men Transitioning To Women: To Get Jobs!

If you're like us, you were probably a bit surprised when Bruce Jenner transitioned to 'Caitlyn Jenner.' If you're like us, though, you weren't surprised when she won Woman of the Year.That's because today's media environment is required to not just support--but actively promote the notion of "equality." This position, of course, has some unusual--but perhaps not unintended--side effects.

We got tips about a sub-culture of male technology nerds who are medically transitioning to women in order to "make it" in today's top technology companies. Our contact, who we will refer to as Autumn, was born a man, identifies as a man, yet lives as a woman so that he (she?) could get and maintain a career at one of the largest, most powerful technology firms in the United States.

She represents not just tens--but literally hundreds of other men living the same lie, all for the same reasons: today it is a requirement for a man to take on the preferred gender (female) if he wants to get hired, rise in the corporate ranks, and defend himself from rival women who wield HR as a weapon against men who stand in their way.

This is not just an isolated case, in doing research we verified that these people exist in many position, across many firms. This is what he told us:

RealTrueNews: When did you decide to transition to a woman--and why?

Autumn: After I got laid off. I spent about eight months trying to get hired--I sent resumes out of state--all over. I kept hearing the same thing: no openings. I was a pretty senior developer and I'd look at the company's web-site and I'd see they had positions to fill--but the hiring group would keep rejecting me. Finally, someone, a guy who worked in Human Resources [ Ed.--a rarity ] let me in on it: those positions were 'diversity slots.' You had to be a minority . . . or female.

RTN: So what did you do?

Autumn: Well, I had to keep my resume--my job history--so I just declared I was a woman and transitioned. I got some hormones through contacts. I lost a bit of weight. I got some help from an ex on make-up and dress and stuff. When I went in, I told the hiring girl all about my struggles to be accepted as a female and it worked. I got hired.

RTN: You took hormones? Why?

Autumn: You gotta. If you want to cry on demand, the hormones help. Also you get softer skin . . . and multiples.

RTN: Multiple . . . what?

Autumn: Do you want to know? Let's just say you can do it several times--but without the mess. Need clarification?

RTN: Uh. No. Did you face any prejudice in the workspace?

Autumn: Oh, the opposite. I mean, there was a guy--a legacy systems architect--who didn't like me at all. I just phoned HR and told them he slapped my ass. He was gone in a week. Apparently they asked around and the other girls, whom I hadn't even told, backed me up. They wrote him up and fired him--for cause. I've had a male boss several times: they have to promote me--"A corporate environment of encouragement."

Now I'm stuck under a woman on an all-female team so it's a little harder.

RTN: Have you--you've met others in the same situation?

Autumn: I have--I did, yeah. It's not that uncommon. The economy's been in the shitter for a long time. Under the government rules for loans and stuff--and lobbying--they have all these incentives for women-in-the-workforce. So you transition. I mean, it's a bitch. You gotta learn to tuck [ Ed.-- Don't ask ]. You sometimes have to wear hose. That fucking sucks. Bad shoes. I don't do heels but I can't imagine if there was a dress code--good thing all that's been thrown out.

You can't be too obvious: you gotta wear girl-clothes. They don't have pockets or shit. I kept forgetting my purse everywhere for about a year--but it's great. You can say the stupidest thing in a meeting and if someone corrects you they get written up. I used to get talked over by girls all the time.

RTN: But what about your private life? Outside work? Do you date?

Autumn: Look--when I was a guy? No one--no American woman would date me. They'd use me. I'd help them move. I'd fix their computers--all that shit. And "Thanks, hun." [ shakes his head ]. "Now I do date. I tell guys I'll only go out if they can meet a certain credit score. You know what? The go to the Internet and pull off a report. It's magic."

RTN: But are you . . . attracted to guys? To men?

Autumn: No. But I gotta tell you, I wasn't that attracted to the women I was meeting either. I mean, when the two of you couldn't fight in the same weight class in the UFC--and she's the heavyweight, you know?

RTN: Do you--this is weird--do you get intimate?

Autumn: If he pays. It's nice to be treated well. I get to be bitch, nasty--whatever--and then--well, look, I only 'date' betas. Those guys will roll over for anything. If I don't feel in the mood for anything, I just get harsh and they [ go limp ]. Really you don't have to put out with those guys if you don't want to. Just string 'em along.

RTN: Do you have any problem, I don't know, using the bathroom?

Autumn: We tend to stick to states where that's not an issue. At work I can clear everyone out if I just say I need the facilities to myself. Even a girl can get written up if she doesn't go. HR installed special locks on the bathroom for me. Outside, heh. It's legal in my state. I just have my phone, anyone gives me a problem, I take a pic, put it on my Instagram, and some girl will call the cops ASAP. It's better than one of those whistles.

RTN: Is there any downside to being a girl? A glass ceiling?

Autumn: They call it the 'Glass Elevator' now. I've gotten promotions, proposals, all that shit. No--it's great. Look, right now, if I were advising a guy? Don't even bother in the tech field. Maybe wait a decade until it all falls apart and then try out.

RTN: What do you mean, all falls apart?

Autumn: [ snorts ] Have you ever seen how they code? It's like how they game, but worse. None of this shit makes it into production without some of the newbie guys spending all night trying frantically to patch it. It's a disaster. Trust me, soon? It's all gonna collapse. Maybe then I'll lay off the hormones and 'un-tuck.'