RTN Interviews - The Undercover (Trump) Voter

You may have heard the liberal elite (that's the Mainstream Media and a bunch of establishment conservative bloggers who have had the ground ripped out under their feet by the Trump-Quake) mocking Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway's statement that "Undercover Voters" are going to come out and vote Trump on November. To these egg-heads the idea that there are "uncounted voters" who are either unwilling to announce their support for Trump or simply not being contacted by Mainstream Media pollsters is ludicrous.

To us? It's Tuesday.

We couldn't reach Kellyanne, but apparently she has been working with Trump to put together a model of what his real electorate looks like. We were able to get our hands on some of it and between this--and what we were able to learn by some good old fashioned detective work--allowed us to get a picture of who these people are, why they are under-cover, and to actually interview one of these "invisible voters." Hang on to your fedora--we're going undercover!


According to our data, the Undercover Voter falls into two basic categories:

  1. College Educated White Men [16% of General Electorate]. The Democrats have never won this demographic in modern history but they think they're going to start now. With Hillary. In this case the reason for being quiet about one's preference is very easily understood: Among the academics, support for Trump makes you laughable and may even make you a target.

  2. Alt-Right / Real Conservatives [ Undetermined ]. Apparently in the Alt-Right underground it's pretty much a given that they're going to fuck with pollsters if they even answer the phone. Many don't have land-lines and almost all distrust the media. This portion cannot be reached by poll--although they might vote online where Trump wins overwhelmingly.


Given this information we reached out and managed to meet someone who we think exemplifies a Trump Undercover voter.

RealTrueNews: Without giving too much away, can you tell us anything about yourself?

Undercover Voter: I'm a White Heterosexual Christian Male who is a college student in his 30's in the northeast.

RTN: STEM education? [ Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math ] Post-grad degree?

UCV: Um. I started in Bio-sciences--but now I'm working on my Bachelors in History, specialty World War II.

RTN: Right--and you're an Undercover Trump Voter. Can you tell us why you're undercover?

UCV: I'm on a college campus. My professors would fail me if they knew I was voting for Trump. I'd lose the support of my parents. A bunch of friends--especially the girls--would think I was a racist. I pretend to vote for Hillary even though it sucks.

RTN: What about talking to pollsters?

UCV: I've never been polled--but if I was, I'd give the network answers.

RTN: What are the--what's The Network?

UCV: It's--we're on discussion boards, mostly private. Some on Reddit. Stuff like that. Various web forums. The Network are all the people who are waiting for November and don't want to talk to the MSM until then--at least not truthfully.

RTN: Why not?

UCV: The MSM is dedicated to the destruction of the American Ideal by bringing in immigrants to dilute our cultural and genetic heritage. They do this under the cover of ideas like diversity--which is just European Multi-Culti for American audiences. They also empower the anarchists among us to try to help shift the Overton window towards a police-state.

RTN: We followed that--but it was pretty technical. Can you give us more detail?

UCV: Kek.

RTN: Kek?

UCV: It means you're old.

RTN: Okay. So this Network has answers for the pollsters?

UCV: The ones of us with phones do, yeah. We coordinate them. It's funny.

RTN: What are those answers?

UCV: Well, that we're voting Hillary, of course. That we think Trump is raaacist. That we're "leaning Democratic." All the stuff they want to hear. We know that a lot of these pollsters--the progressive ones--they leak their data to the Social Justice community. If you told them you were a Trump voter, people at my school would find out. They'd send them updates.

People have been 'outed' on Social Media that way. Talk to a pollster, your answers become weapons used against you by the SocJus Libs.

RTN: That's happened? To who--what happened to the person who got outed?

UCV: Lost a job--a good job--at a software company. HR said that women had filed a complaint. Wouldn't tell him who, of course, because it was bullshit. Said they knew he was a Trump supporter and therefore racist. Fired him on the spot.

RTN: Is there some other way they could have found out?

UCV: Nope--but he felt compelled to talk to a pollster. After hearing all the bullshit about how Trump was losing in a landslide, I guess they got to him. That's how they work. They wore him down and he opened his trap. Loose Lips, Pink Slips, you know?

RTN: Kek.

UCV: You're doing it wrong.