Mom to Chelsea Clinton on Trump: "Make Ivanka 'Cuck' Him"

You may have seen the furor over Trump's alleged "softening" of his immigration stance. The cornerstone of his platform since he came down that escalator last year, Trump's promise--his pledge--has been to remove the 11 Million Illegal Immigrants from America, thus creating jobs for Americans, lowering crime, and taking them off of public welfare.

This is step one to Make America Great Again: Would Trump abandon it?

We Don't Think So

The number one probability here is that things are being filtered or manipulated by the press and Donald Trump's enemies (Ted Cruz). For example:

However, We've Heard Darker Rumors

The Clinton machine are masters of manipulation and "going negative." They are brilliant at finding weak-points and exploiting them. What if the had managed to compromise Trump's family? According to whispers coming from inside Trump Tower--as well as from inside the Clinton machine, Hillary and her attack-team may have found a way to undermine Trump at his very core: his family.


We know that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have been friends--allegedly close friends for a long time. In fact, they've been so close that Trump, himself, has said his campaign would be easier if they didn't like each other. This is all a matter of well known public record. Back before he was political, Trump managed to get along with all kinds of politicians--as a business man he had to--and that included the corrupt and dangerous (but well connected) Clintons.

What if Ivanka, being a less sophisticated young woman made the terrible mistake of trusting Chelsea Clinton much, much further than she ought to have?


The rumor, put together from two different absolutely off-the-record sources goes like this:

  1. Hillary Clinton, foul-mouthed, crashing in her internal polls, and very, very sick, lashed out at her handlers and made a demand: Take Trump's greatest strength and wield it against him (this is something the Democrats call "Swiftboating" after veterans took down traitor John Kerry's presidential bid).

  2. Trump's greatest strength is his iron-clad ability to stick to his guns in the face of unpopular ideas. He is not, in the vernacular of the kids today, 'A Cuck[servative]' (if you don't know, don't bother looking it up--it basically just means a political pussy--especially with regard to race-realism).

  3. Her spit-flecked demand was to get her daughter and "Make her 'Cuck' him." (apparently this had to be repeated, at higher and higher volume several times as they thought she was saying something else).

  4. Chelsea is the least objectionable Clinton--but she is both terrified of and devoted to her mother. That's where we get to the other side of the story.

  5. Allegedly a call was made to Ivanka stating that digital media would be released if her father did not reverse course--if he did not submit to the demands of Political Correctness (and the big money Clinton backers who wants lots of Illegals to keep wages low).

  6. Allegedly Ivanka says she has no idea what this digital media is--but a short conversation was then had with Chelsea Clinton that left her shaken.

  7. Shortly thereafter, Trump's position clarification happened.

We know that Trump isn't a coward and he isn't a cuck--but he loves his children. What if that weakness had been USED AGAINST HIM?? Hillary knows that if she could "deflate the balloon" of Trump's power his support could utterly collapse. It would be a means of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

We can't believe this is true--but certainly Hillary would stoop that low and it is the best explanation for Trump's behavior if it doesn't turn out to be a tactical shift or media lies. Let us know if you hear anything.