ISIS Recruiting In America: Hires Marketing Firm - SOROS Connection

If you've been following intelligence chatter like we have, you know that despite President Obama's best efforts, ISIS has had a hard time recruiting Americans for operations inside the United States. What we have discovered is that the well-funded terrorist state has hired a western millennial marketing group (known on their internal accounting as Millennial Message-Masters) to create media to reach out to Americans they want to bring onboard but are not easily 'radicalized.'

This is a frightening development, especially since it seems the media arms of Soros Inc. are reaching out to cause as much damage as possible in the event of a Hillary loss!


From: Tu 23. Aug 11:45

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Blowing the fucking whistle

RTN Guys, This is a serious problem: my firm has taken on a marketing plan for literal terrorists. The higher ups have been working with a restricted client list as part of something called Project November (it's about the election). I think they're preparing for what happens if Hillary loses (we're a very, very liberal shop: I had to lie about my politics to get in).

We're funded by one of the George Soros grants and I think the clients are being directed through our parent corp. It turns out? One of them is fucking ISIS. I got sent this email from Advanced Marketing accidentally. They recalled it, but I'd already made a copy.

You've got to get this out. Please, someone has to stop this.


From: claireh@mastersmillennialmarketing.comSent: Monday, August 1, 2016 11:13 AM


Subject: Millennial Recruitment Challenges - And Opportunity

Mr. Rashad, We have gone through your requirements and put together a prospective site (see attachment). TARGET MARKET PROSPECTUS Millennials today are a reasonably good target market for recruitment given the right emotional motivators. While they survey as saying they care about world events our testing has shown they are most driven by:

  • Anxiety about the future

  • Unwillingness to take responsibility

  • A work ethic that is almost non-existent unless they are entertained

  • Fighting with their parents

As such we have modulated your message to better serve your target market. Millennial anger is centered on false hopes and a wish to have meaningful change without actually doing anything. As such, American cultural icons such as Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, as well as the appeal of new technology are what will sell to this demographic. CHALLENGES Millennials do not generally use the "dark web." This will be an issue in driving traffic and conversions. We think that a targeted marketing campaign can mitigate these difficulties but if we could have a number or redundant servers with friendly geographical distribution, our technology team says that would be preferable. The best way to play up the difficulties for American millennials who want to go to the Levant is to use humor. None of our target market will be familiar with a squat toilet so the graphics involved will need to be extremely clear. We also don't want to create distance with our target market by addressing their physical fitness shortcomings. The use of overly religious terminology will be a barrier to entry with this group. Millennials are spiritual but largely unchurched and they natively distrust organized, hierarchical religions. We have toned it down a lot. ADVANTAGES 69% of Millennials say they crave adventure: Joining ISIS and traveling to the Levant is the ultimate adventure for a young person. For girls, romance is an added bonus. 75% of Millennials say they would like to travel abroad: Again, this is a bonus if we are trying to get Americans to Syria. But as you've said, the recruits are too low quality and generally unsuited for the positions in which you need to place them. 80% of Millennials want brands to entertain them: Our test surveys found that ISIS was considered mildly to moderately entertaining today. We want to improve on that. You will see in our prospective site that we've enhanced the 'fun' aspects. 50% of Millennials will be more willing to purchase a brand that supports a cause: ISIS is certainly a cause. We need to translate its values for our young American audience. Does ISIS support Organic Farming? Yes. Environmental Safety? We think that could work. Positive Change in Washington? We've included that. Suggesting ISIS as an environmental or social justice agent played well with our audiences. We think that if the messaging can be channeled properly, we can increase favorability. Please review the websites and place-holder content. We will expect the follow up payment in BitCoin within 24 hours to continue. Regards, Claire Henlei Director of Marketing Masters of Millennial Marketing


We also got a link to the proposed site (not yet live) that we accessed on TOR. These are ACTUAL SCREEN shots: