How Dark Money Uses Scandal TV Show To Elect Hillary Clinton

If you've been paying attention, you know full well that the Entertainment Media isn't just a passive voice providing its viewers 'what they want:' It's an active participant. Today, we're seeing it become upgraded to a "contact sport." The Entertainment Media is run by liberals. They have achieved positions of power and they are dedicated to using it. These are people who understand subtle messaging. They know how to "shift the Overton Window." They have masses of data that would make the NSA envious and they use it--ruthlessly.

Today you can see them "pre-loading" a female president into the public's mind's eye. Pre-loading is what entertainment does when they want to take an event or an idea and "prepare the populace" for it. They've done this for homosexuality. They've done it for interracial marriage. Now they're going full-bore for a female president.

To be sure, in the past, there have been female presidents in fiction. In the 1959 book about nuclear war, Alas Babylon, a female Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare became the US president after everyone else had been killed. This was rightly seen as a horrible state of affairs. In the 1964 movie Kisses for my President, a woman is elected--but the happy ending is when she resigns to take care of her family when she gets pregnant.

Today things are far, far different. If what we had in the past was more logical and realistic, today we see women cast as presidents being ruthless, 'powerful,' and deceitful. Even worse, we're meant to symphasize with them--They've Come A Long Way, Baby.

We have learned that Shonda Rhimes, a mega-producer who directed Hillary's video at the DNC, has, since the show began, been working with the Democratic Dark Money group: Fair Share Action. Fair Share Action, a shadowy entity with donors such as Environment America, Inc. (which shows up on some lists as an Environmental Terror Group) and the Public Interest Network (which has its tentacles into the political process at all levels and in all states) has been funneling money to the Scandal TV show on ABC. This came to our attention as people started noticing that the advertising on the show doesn't make any sense for its watcher-demographics.

Our analysis shows that the majority of Scandal’s Twitter followers don’t even follow many of the brands that advertise during the show. Our analysis uncovered the top 200 brands Scandal fans are interested in and only four of the brands on the commercials made the list! The lucky four were Kohl’s, AT&T, Walmart and Pizza Hut.

This money comes with certain conditions. We have heard these were:

  • Rehabilitate Bellamy Young's character Melody Grant. She was a corrupt antagonist in the first few seasons--but now has become sympathetic just as she . . . runs for president.

  • Depict the Republicans as accepting gay marriage (the characters in the show feature some married gays who hold key staff positions). The show also depicts Republicans as pro-Amnesty with the "Republican President" having signed some form of the DREAM Act.

  • Show Election Rigging as something the good guys do. In the story-line of Scandal, we discover the African American heroine of the show, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) actually rigged an election using compromised voting machines. This is implanting the idea that it's okay for elections to be rigged and that the country will be better for it, lest the "wrong guys" win.

The Pre-Loading is immensely powerful. It plays on a number of psychological weak-points including the band-wagon effect (you think everyone else is accepting this horrible thing so you go along with it) and uses an affinity-transferal pattern that has fans of a show (and Scandal has many--especially in Washington) to link their enjoyment to the show's message in an almost subliminal way. It was used, with the help of Morgan Freeman (who narrated the DNC video), to help elect Barack Obama by placing the idea of a valiant black president into the public's mind (see how that turned out). Today they are doing it, strongly, with Scandal--especially targeting the easily manipulated and, let's be frank, somewhat weaker minded, female demographic.

This is why Dark Money must be run out of politics. The Republican money groups couldn't find their manhood with both hands in 2012--but the Democrats know exactly what they're doing. They know who to buy, and how to buy it. They even had some money left over to buy into Supergirl (From: BeforeIt'sNews):

The media has become increasingly obsessed with the idea of a female president. The upcoming film Independence Day: Resurgence features actress Sela Ward playing the pantsuit-wearing POTUS (or should it be FLOTUS?) HBO’s Veep and NBC’s State of Affairs also feature female presidents, and those are just the shows currently on air.

But again, this trend is sure to just be a fluke. Hollywood would never be so manipulative that they’d make the idea of a female president chic, especially during an election year.

Don't be naive, Before It's News--that's exactly what Hollywood is doing. They're doing it RIGHT NOW!!