You may have heard about the recent Clinton fund-raising email that says "Breitbart has no right to exist." While we think it's a given that liberals love the First Amendment until someone says something they don't like, we didn't put a lot of stock in the specific wording here. We get a lot of fundraising emails (more on that in a second) and they're all basically a pitch. That goes for Mr. Trump's emails too. Campaigns need money--you have to ask for it.

We found the Breitbart Must Be Destroyed here (assuming it's legit--we don't trust the source too much). It wasn't too bad. The Daily Caller was maybe overstating the case a little bit.

BUT THEN . . .

As we said, we get onto a LOT of mailing lists for the campaigns. We've even used some of our technical expertise to get onto restricted mailing lists so we can get emails that don't go to the populace at large. That includes some heavy-duty donor-lists. Today--this morning--we got the OTHER Breitbart-Must-Die email. It doesn't look nearly so innocent. Here it is:

We do our email through an anonymous encrypted service. This is from Hillary's campaign. Note the customized name use (the name we signed up under).

Here's how it starts. Note that they have to tell their donors that THIS TIME, 538 is telling the truth. Also, we don't know what a QUANTUM PLATINUM donor-level is, but we think it's probably one of the $300,000 USD per plate people. Maybe higher.

Here's how it finishes:

This is a pretty direct threat. It's a threat to Breitbart and it's a threat to Clinton's big-money donors. If you were wondering why no one really wanted to get into a race against Hillary, this is why. We're working on a leak inside the Clinton Campaign's email machine that promises to be VERY revealing! Stay tuned!

NOTE: We got a follow-up email which is posted here--which was cleaned up some. We are trying to determine the veracity of this. It appears that someone at Hillary HQ may have tried to recall the first one and then, when that failed, sent a second version. This lends credibility to our theory that the sender may have been Hillary herself--and she might be suffering from some kind of dysphasia as suspected!