Zika Virus - Dept. of Defense Religious Think-Tank: Sent from God?

Ed Note: We've got data literally flooding in. We are doing our best to vet it and bring it to you. This section is an extremely disturbing report that we will be looking into further as our resources allow.

Department of Defense: JASON Think-Tank: The JASON project is a group of scientists who work for the government (usually, but not always, the Department of Defense) as a think-tank for special problems. Much of their work is classified--but some is not. A well-written history of the JASONS is available here.

We have received a document that appears to be a confidential report created by this group using noted theologians to study a question about whether, literally, Zika is a biblical plague. Our contact, who would face terrible danger if discovered was apparently part of this team and was horrified by what he encountered.


This is what they told us.

RealTrueNews: Can you explain your affiliation with the JASON group?

JASON Source: I have a doctorate of theology and a masters in comparative religions. My specialty is Eschatology and Prophecy. Eschatology is the study of the 'end times,' if you will. I had served in the military prior to my education so I had a high-level security clearance.

The JASON group usually uses physicists, computer scientists, experts like that--but sometimes they have questions for sociologists, psychiatrists, or even us--theologians. The "God Squad."

RTN: And what was it you were asked about this time?

JASON: There were a bunch of groups in the government getting hits on the Big Data reports concerning Zika, the upcoming election, and complete failure to combat it. It was deemed a Nat-Sec [ National Security ] Issue from the get-go. We were brought in after, well, after a bunch of stuff that should have worked didn't--and after some people in the data-science departments got . . . scared.

RTN: Scared? How--why?

JASON: There are these code words--flags--that come up when certain events occur or conditions are hit--they throw a flag. Most of them are like, potential terror-threat or assassination warnings--or war . . . or rumors of war. In this case the flags were much higher security clearance. They were much darker.

RTN: Can you be more explicit?

JASON: The PALE HORSE Protocols. These are--these are highly restricted. Some presidential administrations haven't been informed. It's--look--the United States government isn't as religious now as it used to be. Maybe that's the problem--but back a few decades ago the President--the Congress--the Courts--and the people--we all believed we were under God's protection.

The PALE HORSE Protocols were a set of responses made to be carried out if something appearing to be a literal "Act of God" was detected. They're very, very carefully controlled. I've only seen . . . some of them. [ trails off ]

RTN: Can you tell us about that.


RTN: Okay, then what?

RTN: The analysis for Zika was that it was unusually resistant to efforts to stop it--that it came out of nowhere--that its "signature"--attacking children, targeting people who were in some ways behaving badly--punishing women? These all had significance. It being spread by both mosquitoes and as a venereal disease--that was almost unique. Literal pestilence. Literal . . . judgment.

So we were called in to look at it.

It turns out Zika is targeted a very key demographic in the upcoming election: minority voters, especially women, who would vote strongly Democratic in November. The correlations are powerful. If women stay home? Broward and Dade go red. If they go Red, Florida goes red.

If Florida goes Red, Trump probably wins.

RTN: We think Trump is winning Florida right now.

JASON: Maybe. I'm no expert--but the handlers seemed to think it was important. Do you know what 'swapping' is? We heard a lot about that.

RTN: That's a method of election fraud. You want to keep the vote totals the same--so you just swap vote-X for vote-Y. I guess you'd still need the voters--need turn-out to do it.

JASON: Right. If women didn't vote. If minorities didn't vote as a whole, you'd have a really hard time selling the numbers--I guess.

RTN: That . . . that could be true. Why do you think this is happening?

JASON: The PALE HORSE Protocols say that if something hits the triggers--if it looks like an Act of God--then we assume it's intentional. If it's intentional and it's going to make the election harder to rig then . . .

RTN: Maybe someone wants Donald Trump to win? God is engaged in voter suppression?

JASON: Maybe to have a fair shot. I don't know. You have to understand this kind of theological metaphysics is very disturbing. The Eschatology Index--the distance temporarily from the end times? Every event like this moves the clock MUCH MUCH closer to zero-hour.

RTN: To the second coming?

JASON: To judgment. If this is happening in Florida--then right now mankind is being judged. If what I think might be going on is going on . . . then we're being found wanting. That's really all I can say about this--but you have to get the word out.

RTN: That's what we do. Thank you.