INSIDERS: Prep Warren To Take Over For Hillary! IT'S COMING!!

Despite the overwhelming narrative the Mainstream Media is promoting, if you've been paying attention, you know that Hillary is deteriorating quickly and flagging in the polls. The Democrats are beginning to realize they will have to make a move before the first debate-disaster lands. The problem is that, post-convention, they don't have a way to switch out the nominee.


Elizabeth Warren is the planned stand-in for Hillary Clinton. Also possessing female plumbing (er, we think) and having a record of lefty positions that liberals love, Warren, almost the same age of Clinton, is going to be swapped in with as little fanfare as possible? Why? The Democrats believe that the rank-and-file minority voter can't tell the difference.

That's right: The Democrat insiders we spoke to said that so long as Elizabeth Warren wears a pant-suit, they believe that she can continue the campaign AFTER HILLARY drops out, without most of Hillary's voters realizing a swap has been made.

This is because the Mainstream Media will down-play the swap and so long as an older, leftist liberal woman is running, a major chunk of Hillary's low-information voters won't recognize there's a difference. So long as there's a (D) on the ballot next to her name, she'll get her votes.


We should take this very seriously. Firstly, it could work. The amount of information Hillary voters have on their candidate is near zero right now. They've seen Hillary and Warren campaign together and may not know which is which.

Secondly, while Hillary probably could not last the first quarter of a debate physically, there is no indication that Warren is in such poor health.

Thirdly, Mr. Trump has regularly referred to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" since she lied blatantly on her college admissions form (claiming Native American heritage she doesn't have) to receive preferential treatment. The problem is that while not the most popular Disney Princess, Pocahontas has positive favorables and good name recognition with minority voters. In other words, her nickname could work for her.

Finally, President Obama is unquestionably supportive of this and will use his executive power to enable it. This can include squashing FBI investigations, shutting down newspapers of TV stations that don't play along, and even using his thugs in the IRS to intimidate anyone who isn't on-board. In other words, having selected a disastrous candidate who is going to lose by historic margins, the DemocRATS may have found an 11th hour way out.


Spread the word. If this gets out before the switch can be made, it'll make it much harder for them do it. Make sure any Hillary voters you encounter can tell the difference. Also: start digging into Warren right now.

Also: Funnel money to Wesearchr, a private company that does for-pay investigative journalism. This is their proposed topic: FUND IT! FUND IT NOW!!