FACT-CHECK: Is Hillary Clinton A 'Satanist'?

Hillary Addresses the "General Assembly" In Your Imagination

CLAIM: As Dr. Ben Carson proposed, Hillary Clinton, having cited Saul Alinsky, in one of her published papers is a Satanist.


NOTE: Hillary is actually a Methodist. You searched on this because you are a sucker.

INVESTIGATION: Looking at the Internet, it is pretty clear that people who don't like Hillary--even for legitimate reasons--if they watch or read a lot of right-wing news are mentally "infected" with conspiracy theory and will believe things like the following (note: this was written as parody and plenty of people took it as absolute fact--those people, and possibly you, are idiots).

Hillary Clinton is, in fact, an 'Illuminated Luciferian.' This is to a 'satanist' what lethal Swine-Flu pneumonia is to the common cold. Hillary Clinton, appearing before a clandestine meeting of the United Nations, the assembly hall "dressed" in such a way as to show the organizations' true masters, vowed to:

  • Promote the Idolatry of Gaia - the Warmist Conspiracy that holds that the earth is a god and must be worshiped as such. This would be done by funding Warmist 'scientists' (the priests of the Order of Gaia) and by punishing news outlets that do not confess the false-truth of a warming world.

  • Sacrifice the Unborn - She would continue to fund and promote the racist / genocidal organization Planned Parenthood. This would not only keep down the numbers of black children but would prevent any potential divinely inspired child from being born.

  • Aid ISIS - In his false identity as Allah, Hillary Clinton would follow in President and (honorary titled) Grand Hierophant - Vizier Barack Hussein Obama in the promotion of a dark army with the name of a pagan goddess.

  • Destroy Israel Before The Temple Of Solomon Can Be Completed / Rebuilt - She is dedicated to preventing the end-times by preventing the completion of the 4th Temple of Solomon. This will be done by insuring that Iran has access to nuclear weapons as per Barack Hussein Obama's treaty.

  • Institute Sharia Law: To undermine the Christian foundations of America, she will install a partial Caliphate that will institute Islamist Sharia law, dividing the country before it falls.

Hillary Clinton has long sought status in the Illuminated Luciferian church. Her use of crack-pipes as a Christmas Tree ornament during her time in the White House as the First Lady was symbolic of the Devil's singing voice (his "pipes"). She has palled around with practicing satanists and illuminists.

NONE of the above is actually true. It is a political 'fever-dream' that was created to sell you bogus gold certificates and over-priced low quality freeze-dried food packets to prepare for the FEMA apocalypse.