We have contacts inside Wikileaks--which means we've seen the 'October Surprise' early and boy, is it a doozy. Emails from within the Clinton Foundation and found on Hillary Clinton's "wiped" (with a cloth) server, have led us to a dark-net website run by the Clinton Foundation for high-dollar donors that will sell weapons to literally anyone. the Electronic "paper-trail" shows sales, going on currently, to ISIS, to central African regimes, and to various dictators like Assad in Syria.

This money, laundered through intermediaries flows directly back into the Clinton Campaign in a series of small-dollar donations structured to make it look like she has grass-roots supports. The dark-web site, found only through the TOR browser, and only with proper VPN security before that, sells literally anything you can think of and organizes shipping by working with international arms cartels.

We were able to find:

  • Chemical weapons banned under international treaty

  • "Crowd Control systems" using laser designed to permanently blind

  • Pump and hose systems featuring high-molarity acid designed to spray battlefields in substances designed to dissolve flesh

  • Biological agents including antibiotic resistant anthrax

  • Tactical nuclear weapons allegedly "liberated" from the NATO base in Turkey

  • Conventional arms of all scales

The site operates with absolute impunity bearing the Clinton Foundation Logo boldly displayed. It features Dr. Henry Kissinger as a "paid consultant" available to dictators, strongmen, and reportedly "democratic" regimes.

This revelation, when officially released will not just take down Hillary & Bill--but the entire Clinton Foundation! The Clinton's lust for war is limitless--but justice will find them!!