You've heard that the election is going to be rigged. That was speculation. Now we've seen it. Last night In the WI01 District where a Trump freedom-fighter, Paul Nehlen was facing down GOP-Establishment candidate (and Speaker of the House) Paul Ryan we saw a test-fire of the same software and strategy that the Clinton campaign is counting on to win in November.

Our sources worked with one of the technical minds behind DemVotesMatter, the code-name for the complex system that is being used to destroy American democracy.

RealTrueNews: What happened last night? Can you tell us?

DNC Technical Consultant: Last night we took a land-slide victory for Paul Neheln and we reversed it--utterly. We turned it into a blow-out for Ryan. It's unbelievable, but everybody bought it.

RTN: You seem shaken.

DNCT: It was more effective than even I thought it would be. The guy had the votes. He had the momentum. He had the platform. What he never had was a chance.

RTN: Can you explain?

DNCT: Uh. Sure. We use a variety of channels to control and contort the vote. We have software devices--logic bombs--that interfere with voting technology. Our mind-maps identify people in the vote-counting chain of command who can be compromised, safely black-mailed. We have turn-out suppressors . . . it's very sophisticated.

RTN: Can you elaborate for our readers?

DNCT: Oh, uh, sure. So there are three basic parts to steeling an election. The first is to make sure their guys don't go to the polls. We build a psychological matrix for, literally, every voter in the battle-space. We have a network showing their friends and family, where they get their news, their take on the issues. With social media penetration--we got all the back doors from the NSA through Obama Administration leaks--it's really easy to see who's a supporter.

Once we have, say Paul Nehlen guys identified, then we start wearing them down. We hit them with bad polls. Put stuff on their Facebook Wall or whatever to demoralize them. We tell them--we tell their subconscious, really--that Nehlen can't win. This will get us about 25% decrease in actual votes and we can tell before the election day who is going to stay home.

Then we go to work on the voting itself: We want to compromise voting machines--not all of them--just a handful. Since we know who is likely to go, we have agents go in and do a refit. Takes about 40 seconds. After that, we can do anything to it.

We've also got vote-counters. Our software goes through their email, social media, whatever. The guy's cheating? We figure it out. Owes money he can't pay? Bingo. We don't have to do a "cold approach." With our data advantage, we just hit a few select people and they roll right over.

That was the theory, anyway. We didn't know until last night.

RTN: Last night was a success?

DNCT: It was light years ahead of 2012. I mean, it's a whole different thing now. When we got the courts to strike down voter ID, we though we were going to have to do the truck thing again. Now . . . I don't even know. If we could take out a guy like Nehlen, we could probably do it for anyone.

I think we could get Trump.

RTN: So 2016 is going to be rigged?

DNCT: Bank on it.