CLAIM: Donald Trump is a misogynist candidate (like most Republicans)


INVESTIGATION: The Left is very fond of playing the "sexist card" (or, today, the "patriarchy" or "misogynist" card) when faced with a candidate or argument they cannot deal with. We took a look at some of the allegations to see if there was even a shred of truth to these with Mr. Trump. Here's what we found:



This wasn't hard to research--it's common sense, really, but we'll lay it out anyway.

Sexist Things: Trump has said some things that upset feminists. That's definitely true. However (a) mostly these were jokes--and when they weren't jokes, it was stuff he'd know about (like women being gold-diggers and hating prenuptial agreements--is that even in dispute?). THE FACTS

  • Breastfeeding IS disgusting. Who are we even kidding.

  • Rosie O'Donnell is disgusting. It's a personal judgment, people, everyone gets to have an opinion.

  • Women who sleep around aren't attractive to guys. Your mom told you this and it's true. It's not politically correct--but it's true anyway. Sorry.

  • He pitched a show 'Lady or a Tramp' where party girls are sent to charm school. Donald knows TV. He knows people would watch it. He's right. Also--have you ever heard of anything bad having come out of sending a girl to charm school? Nope.

Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever: We're not going to reveal our source--but it turns out? He was right. The FOX Debate was scheduled on hostess Megyn Kelly's period-cycle. Mr. Trump has extremely acute senses and was certainly close enough to Kelly to tell. It is a known fact that women get 'bitchier' on their periods and Trump wasn't afraid to say it. That's not sexist--it's The Truth.

His Cabinet of Men: This one is amazing. It's pure political correctness to suggest that he HAS to have some women on his cabinet. He is a business titan who chooses the right person for the job. Now he's supposed to choose the second or third best person because of their biology? Maybe use a quota system? That's what Hillary is suggesting for the presidency. You know what Hillary doesn't have in her cabinet? An Eskimo. That means she's racist to Eskimos, doesn't it. Hypocrites.

Mike Tyson and Sex Offenders: Tyson is a friend of Trump's. He's alleged to have beat his wife or committed some sex offense--but he was the number one fighter of pretty much all time. A guy like that is going to have a lot of testosterone--are we going to hold something against him for his biology? Isn't that kinda racist?

As far as losing the gay-vote: Trump is right. If there is one segment he's down with because of things like the Miss America pageant, it's the gay-vote. The fact that he's done more to protect gays by banning Muslim terrorist doesn't count for them--that's not just gay, it's irrational.

Trump Is Losing To Women In The Polls: This is a-just-plain-lie. Internal polls for Hillary show Trump way, way up with hetero-sexual women. Trump is losing feminists and lesbian votes. These are the people polled because they are the people on the Democrat mailing and call-lists who are the ones who get polled and answer the phones because they are unemployed or radical ideologists.


There are some facts you should be aware of when even discussing sexism. Firstly, most women have traditionally voted Democrat. This is due to a public relations campaign on the part of Democrats to convince women that Republicans are sexist. This works because most women get their politics from places like this:

Just take a look--pink text. Pornography (soft core, so as not to offend) on the right (MOST POPULAR) a bunch of hunky guys and make-up tips and then . . . politics. This is how women get informed and, to be honest, it's hurting the country.

Part of this is that women have made legal gains thanks to feminists (such as the right to vote and corporate / educational quotas) without having made cultural progress--because their basic biology and brain structures haven't changed. This is NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT--so talking about it is forbidden.

The problem is that Trump doesn't care about Political Correctness so he's going to shine the golden light of truth on some facts that feminists want to stay hidden. That's why the'll call him 'sexist'.