FACT-CHECK: Evan McMullin


Evan McMullin has been recruited by the Clinton Foundation in an attempt to salvage her failing campaign. What do we know about him?

CLAIM: Evan McMullin took 1000's of dollars from the Clinton Foundation and has been activated as a "sleeper agent" to try to win the 2016 presidential campaign.


REVISION: We have discovered that the document (and the narrative attached to it) may have come from the Jill Stein campaign. Jill Stein incorporates an army of Photoshop experts, hackers, and vegan dirty tricks specialists. Stein will stop at nothing in her attempt to battle GMOs, vaccines, and American dignity.

We have proof that the below document was photoshopped and the email from which it came was traced to the Jill Stein headquarters. We will provide future developments as they arise.



INVESTIGATION: What do we know about Evan McMullin--chances are you've never heard of him until he announced his bid for the presidency today. That was intentional: Hillary and the Clinton Foundation work like a terrorist group with latent assets placed in various positions to be activated when conditions allow.

One piece of this was the Clinton Foundation's WHITE HORSE INITIATIVE which was set up to defend Barack Hussein Obama against attacks from the Intelligence Sector (which his handlers knew would want to rebel against him once they realized what he was doing).

During this time the WHITE HORSE INITIATIVE recruited Mormons to various intelligence and National Security positions using Mormon Harry Reid (Democrat Party Speaker of the House) as their point of out-reach. One of these was placing Evan McMullin in the CIA where he would work his way into a position where he could, for example, feed data to the Bush administration.

In 2011, fearing a JOHN HUNTSMAN attack-from-the-left, Evan McMullin left the CIA Clandestine Division and moved to Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs. His placement was widely known to be part of Hillary Clinton's "payment" for her speeches (influence). From there he was able to work against Huntsman--not that it turned out to be necessary.

Today, he has been moved to ACTIVATED status. He is announcing a bid solely to try to capitalize on both #NeverTrump anarchists and the ground laid by failed Republican candidate Mitt Romney in Utah. If McMullin can "split Utah" he would give the Clinton campaign a narrow opening to win its valuable 6 Electoral Votes.

This is a hail-Marry. Our sources inside the Clinton campaign suggest that McMullin's run is just another sign of growing desperation in the face of a Trump Landslide.