Hillary, crashing in the polls (the real ones her campaign sees) and suffering numerous mental disorders, has shown her true colors in authorizing the "leaked" release of a plan she hopes will capture lagging Republican neo-cons and disgruntled former-military "consultants." These big-money players know they will be put out of a job by Donald Trump. Hillary's plan, which we have obtained, is tentatively titled 'OPERATION WAR-MONGER.'


The plan calls for the creation of a "drone-force triad" using submersible platforms, on-water "drone-craft carriers," and flying "drone mother-ships" armed with tactical-nuclear technology to wage a "bloodless genocide" (bloodless for Hillary) against all "external targets."

The prospectus is extremely clear:

Rather than seeking so-called solutions OWM will seek to create a permanent state of 'bloodless' war that will fund and fuel the traditional military spending-model for decades, even centuries to come (OWM includes features for 100-year contracts guaranteed for the United States of America and/or any government following from a collapse). By using a computerized command-and-control system with minimal human over-sight, military personnel hiring can be reduced to skeleton-crew levels allowing for domestic entitlement spending to rise greatly while still funding manufacturers and suppliers.

The obtained documents show both a complete misunderstanding of the American psyche and, at the same time, a terrifying look into Hillary Clinton's mind-set. For example, the END-STATE Aquatic Weapons Platform pictured above:

  1. Confederate Flag: The OWM prospectus recommends adorning the weapons with the 'Confederate Battle Flag' as the American public has come to associate that with Republicans, it will "deflect blame" for the inevitable civilian causalities.

  2. American Crusader Logo: Hillary's operations will use specifically Judaeo-Christian names and imagry to disguise the fact that they come from a liberal administration.

  3. MAD 3MT Nuclear Rocket: The END STATE platform has a single, un-targeted 3 MT thermonuclear rocket in it. In the event it is destroyed it will attempt to launch the rocket at the nearest land-mass. The knowledge of this rocket is intended to keep other nations from interfering with the submersible.

  4. Nuclear Sea-Killer Drones: These are aquatic systems that are designed to hunt and kill any 3rd-world sea-going vessel. Each has an operating range of 2500 miles, carries a multi-torpedo payload, and has sensors that will scan the "demographics" of the vessels encountered, attacking if their skin reaches the "required albedo level" necessary to pacify American viewers. They also have cameras to capture "exciting footage" that will be used to "sell the campaign" to Hillary's corporate media donors.

  5. Nuclear Winter Suicide Reactor: The END STATE system has a 100 year nuclear reactor which is constructed so that it cannot be taken off line or decommissioned. Any attempt to shut down the system or interfere with its constant battle-plan will result in the control-rods being removed and the reactor being put into an intentional "meltdown" mode. This would cause incalculable environmental damage as well as killing the crew.

  6. Anti-Whale Launchers: The END STATE is equipped with "conventional munitions launchers" that are designed to target and destroy all encountered sea-going mammals. No explanation given.

This desperate, insane play on the part of Clinton for military and munitions donors has already met with some success. Tests of a Naval Drone Carrier system have already begun in the Pacific Theater. You can see the American Crusades logo adorning one of the robotic aircraft on a leaked photo below.