Is Trump A Russian Stooge?

CLAIM: Donald Trump has been compromised by the Russians and is "in bed" with Vladimir Putin.


INVESTIGATION: Faced with an almost certain Donald Trump victory, many ex-CIA or ex-National Security voices have been speaking up. They claim that Mr. Trump is somehow "in collusion with" Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Is there any credence to these claims? We investigated.

  1. Trump's Top Adviser Paul Manafort Has Many Ties To Pro-Russian Politicians In Ukraine (See Here): Here you can see how liberals twist the truth from the very start of a question. As Mr. Trump astutely noted, Russia is not in Ukraine and is not going in. You can bank on that. Obviously nonsense.

  2. Putin Has Praised / Endorsed Trump (See Here): Putin called Mr. Trump "bright and talented." We think that's just stating the obvious. As a strongman to a Strong Man, there's clearly a bromance going on--but that's just to be expected. Putin, like Trump, wants to Make America Great Again--we all understand the appeal (well, except Obama).

  3. Russia Intelligence Has Given Trump A Complimentary Code Name: Our sources tell us that the FSB (Putin's version of the CIA) have given Trump his own code name. We think that's sweet. It's Гадкий волос (Gadkiy volos) meaning "Golden Lion" in Russian. That's not the kind of name you give a double agent or anything.

  4. Trump Is Supposed To Have Business Ties To Russia (See Here): Some liberal ex-government workers have claimed they've "heard Trump's name come up in briefings about Americans with too-close ties to Russia." Talk about 'mishandling classified information'! Liberals can't help it! Trump has said he doesn't have any ties that and, we're sure, before the election he'll show his tax returns to prove it! No worries there.

  5. Trump's "Mail Order Russian Brides." Trump has been married to three beautiful women. Although they have been smeared as "Russian mail-order brides," in fact his first and third wives come from Czechoslovakian marriage catalogs. His interim wife, Marla Maples was probably American. There's absolutely zero Russian connection here, folks.

The Smoking Gun

Of course the real evidence that Trump isn't a puppet of Vladimir Putin is that he endorsed John McCain--a man who claimed Vladimir Putin had "soul-less eyes" with the letters K. G. B. in them. It's true that Vladimir did work for the former Russian/Soviet intelligence agency--but records show that he was a Western Outreach Public Relations specialist who performed as a world renowned Ballet Dancer--not a spy.

We think it's clear that Putin just admires Donald Trump for his business acumen and success just as so many around the world do.


Putin and Trump Frolick On Horseback