Are Jobs Numbers "Fixed"?

CLAIM: Jobs numbers about the economy are "altered" by the Bureau of Labor to meet the 'narrative' of the Obama administration..


INVESTIGATION: You may have heard that each month the BLS publishes "jobs numbers" that determine what the unemployment rate is, how many people got jobs, and so on.In the olden days, before Obama got his hands on it, these numbers were straightforward: Unemployment was the % of people out of work. Jobs-added were the number of people who actually found employment. Today? Today that just isn't the case.

Jobs Number: The Jobs number is now determined by a so-called "home survey" which, get this, is someone working for Obama calling around and asking "did you get a job last month?" Do you know who they call? It turns out the call-list comes from the Oval Office and it's the same list as people hired onto the bogus "shovel-ready" jobs Obama promised us with the stimulus as well as long-time government employees who know to lie and claim they "just got hired a couple of days ago."

Unemployment: When Romney said he'd have the unemployment rate down to 5% by the end of his term, he meant it. For Obama, it was a different kind of challenge. The Unemployment number, which basically just means people out of work, has been divided and sub-divided (the same way Obama does with Americans for Race and Class) so that now there are "different grades of unemployment." This is too complex to keep up with, but that's basically the point. Just understand that the "percent of people unemployed is really like 25-40% of Americans, which is why no one you know has a job.

NOTE: A lot of these jobs are make-work which are paid by tax-increases to just "move money around." Examples are people in local-government who, instead of being paid by their broke state governments, are, instead, paid directly from the White House as part of Obama's "stimulus." Follow the money--always Follow The Money.

The Narrative: Right now Job 1 for Obama is to get Hillary elected. Of course they hate each other--but Obama has enough blackmail information on her to ensure she'll do what he wants. That's how Democrats roll. To this end, "Job numbers" have to be high. Unemployment has to be "low"--and economist--who are mostly paid by the government--have to fall in line and all tell the same story.

So that's how the jobs come out. But even more sinister--after the people's revolt of the Brexit, the Fed, which pulls Obama's strings wants to "raise rates." This is a complicated economic principle--but it involves taking more money from American small business to try to prop up the British Crown. Obama can't say no--no one says 'no' to The Fed--but in order to do this, they need a "robust recovery." Hence a very high jobs number to be followed up with a massive "rate hike" which will make more and more of us unemployed.

We just won't be counted (have YOU ever gotten a jobs-report phone call?? Of course not!)