MEDIA COVER UP: Iranian Cash Video Suppressed!

When Iran captured our sailors the Obama government immediately did what it thought best: it paid a bribe to get them back. Over 400bn dollars that will be funneled directly to Russia to buy high-tech weapons should either Trump win the election or Israel decide to take its defense into its own hands.

When Donald Trump described his view of the cash-for-prisoners exchange video, the press struck. Did he reveal secret intelligence? Did he make it up? No--the video, which existed on YouTube since the time of the transfer, was publicly viewable for almost a year. MSNBC even made the mistake of showing it side by side with the 'NONEXISTENT' chyron pictured above.

In case you haven't been paying attention, the Obama regime has long had the power to create and suppress videos on YouTube. This was part of the Benghazi strategy and it is now part of their "going after Donald Trump" attack. Liberals have long complained about TV News showing screen-text (the 'chyron' at the bottom of the TV screen) that doesn't implicate Donald Trump.

'If only they would call him a liar when he's saying things we don't like!' they've complained, again and again. Since the Clinton News Network took the lead in trying to pin the liar-label on Mr. Trump, others have followed suit. In this case, they baited Mr. Trump with a professionally shot video showing the blood money removed from the US Airplane while the hostage sailors were marched single file into the cargo-hold.

The video, now removed (and using Apple and Google back-doors to remove it from remote devices), then shows the Iranian mullahs set fire to an American flag and dance atop it before taking, in additional payment, two exotic sports cars, and a caged gorilla we identified as the claimed-dead Harambe.

Clearly the Obama administration will pay whatever is asked for in order to avoid angering Iran.

When Donald Trump made reference to this travesty, the Obama administration quickly had the video pulled and scrubbed from the Internet and instructed his will press corps to question its existence. Well, we've got it--On Screen--from MSNBC.