You may have heard on the Mainstream Media news that Donald Trump "ejected" a crying baby from an event rally yesterday. What you didn't hear was the "inside story." Notice: you haven't seen any pictures of the baby. There's a reason for that.

Our investigation has uncovered a despicable plan on the part of the Hillary Clinton campaign to disrupt Mr. Trump's events using "targeted audio frequencies" that are calibrated against his sensitive ears. Mr. Trump has exceptional hearing--at the top of the human biological range. As such, while it benefits him in negotiations as he can often hear whispers of his opposition or pick up on subtle cues from their tone and tenor, it also makes him sensitive to certain specific sounds.

On investigation, we found THIS ad on Craig's list:

While attempts to verify "American Rodhammer LLC" have not yet found a real entity by that name, we think it is obvious what's going on here. The baby in question was wearing a "My Parents are Big Gay Liberals" onesie and the woman with the baby was probably a lesbian. We understand she was dressed in pants and a men's button-down shirt.

This, plus the ad? This is clearly sabotage. The Hillary campaign and Liberals will stop at NOTHING. Spread the word.