Is Kazir Khan A Muslim Plant?

CLAIM: "Father" of fallen marine Captain Khan is a radical Islamist plant working for the DNC.


INVESTIGATION: A quick look into his background shows that he is, in fact, an English speaking member of the ISIS terror-group (a rare photo above showing him prior to an aborted martyrdom operation). Khan was targeted by the Democrat because of his appearance to the real Kazir Khan, a Hindu who immigrated from India.

The attempt to white-wash the DNC's radical Islamic ties continues with an actress hired to play his wife--one who is unable to speak either English or Arabic (and you wondered why she didn't speak up). Of course Hillary Clinton is aware of this deception as the Wikileaks Emails show--but you'll never hear that in the national media.

The real Kazir Khan was, unfortunately, killed in a traffic stop in Missouri in 2010 as he took an aggressive tone with a police officer. The DNC moved quickly with his replacement and has been utilizing him ever since. Side-by-side photographs make this abundantly clear and the death certificate is a matter of public record.