Did Bernie Sanders Lose The Election Due To DNC Rigging?

CLAIM: The Democratic National Convention illegally rigged its own primary to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning.


INVESTIGATION: There is absolutely zero doubt that the Democratic National Convention, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Hillary Rodham Clinton illegally rigged the primaries in order to ensure the election of HRC. How do we know this?

  1. Exit Polling - Sure, the EXPERTS say that the way exit polling is done in the US it isn't useful for fraud detection--but it worked pretty well for the GOP and was against Sanders in the Democrat primaries. That's a smoking gun.

  2. The Emails - They admitted to fixing elections. From Wikileaks: "Sanders is a threat to Hillary that we must stop by any means necessary. That includes ballot-box solutions. You know what to do. -- DWS."

  3. DWS hated Sanders. She was hand-picked by Queen Hillary to fix the election. That's not even in dispute.

  4. Rallies - No one came to see Hillary. Sanders filled up giant stadiums. The larger crowds indicate who the winner will be. They couldn't fake a crowd--they had to fake the ballots.

  5. Observation - Look at this! What could be clearer.


Of course all of that is circumstantial to a degree. What we see as evidence of the ballot being fixed is the implantation of a mole in the Sanders camp. Simone D. Sanders (no-relation) was Bernie Sander's National Press Secretary and a mole for Hillary Clinton. At the DNC she refuted the idea that there had been election fraud--despite the above.

This refutation is clear evidence of fraud since the fraud itself is so obvious, only a traitor to Bernie Sanders could speak against it. Had she spoken for it--said there was fraud, perhaps there could be some sliver of doubt (since a person could, of course, be wrong). But speaking against it?