Benghazi Timeline: What REALLY Happened

Above is the original photo from the Sept 11 2012 Benghazi Attack. You can see why they had to edit it.

CLAIM: Numerous assertions by Obama/Clinton that the Benghazi attack had to do with an obscure YouTube Video, that no standown was ordered against a rescue attempt, etc.


INVESTIGATION: It's been tried a lot. All 9 of the congressional investigations have come to the same inescapable conclusion--the Obama / Clinton administration was not just engaged in election-year spin in their response to the Benghazi attack but actually coordinated the attack themselves and covered it up with some larger goal in mind.

Below is an accurate time-line of the Benghazi attack as uncovered by Rep. Trey Gowdy. These facts are plainly available to anyone who watches the footage of the investigation or reads any of the official government reports about it.


The Democrats control the media and are able to impose "news blackouts" (see the Bernie Sanders campaign). They did so with the Benghazi revelations (Fox leader Roger Alies was threatened with bogus sexual harassment charges in order to keep coverage to a minimum).

Despite this, when Gowdy put Clinton on TV for her hearing, she told the Republican:

"Go ahead--You've got the facts. I admit to everything. You know you can't touch me and no American will watch 11 hours of this bullshit on C-SPAN. Hell, Americans don't even read the newspaper. So make your case--it's a waste of time. What difference does it make?"

Thus far, we are sad to say, she appears to have been correct.