Voter Fraud and Voter ID

CLAIM: There is no evidence of voter fraud in America that could be stopped by requiring photo ID at polling places.


INVESTIGATION: Liberals are fond of telling people that there is no documented evidence of voter fraud--or that, if there is, it's one or two people somewhere--mostly Republican. Well, here are the facts.

It turns out that in 2012 more than ten thousand people--all Democrats--were tried and convicted of voting fraud that could have been stopped by simple picture IDs. In many cases the voters were illegals who were not only voting--but could not read the ballots.



Prior to 1906, all the voter-fraud was Democratic, everyone knew it, and the south (a Democrat stronghold) was lost to Republicans anyway. However, as time changed picture ID emerged and economic an demographic shifts put other states into play.

The Democrats objected to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a Republican invention, but passed it with one caveat: Voter Fraud cases would be reported as handgun-violence. Speaking before the Senate, Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond made the case for the classification as statistics showed that most criminals and the overwhelming number of murderers were Democrats.

As such, courts are required to report acts of Voter Fraud as gun-related homicides leading to a "basis" for the claim that there are no documented cases of in-person Voter Fraud.

You should remember that everyone who is serious already knows this. The reason why it can't be brought up in Congress is because charges of RAAACISM have become the primary tool of the Democrats and they're effective.(man, that's irony). But next time a liberal tells you there are no cases of Voter ID fraud, send them to the FBI's stats on handgun violence and explain to them that you're in on the secret.


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