Horrifying Leak: Green Party Seeks Chemical Weapons

We have come into possession of documents (the MEME shown above planned for distribution in early August) showing a terrifying plan to push Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party onto the ballot in all 50 states. Apparently using her skill as a chemical engineer and physician as well as using donations to pay for access to the vaccine laboratories, Stein's team has managed to infiltrate a "chemical time bomb."

Working with both conventional childhood vaccines as well as seasonal flu shots, the plan, already underway, is to hold-hostage thousands of people and force them to sign petitions to put Jill on the ballot in all 50 states. This comes at a time when she believes her window to a successful 3rd Party run is closing fast. We spoke with the whistle-blower who gave us this look into Stein's organization.

"She was infuriated by Hillary first running as a major female candidate without seeking Jill's endorsement--and then moving to prevent Sanders from joining her on the Green Team. She believed that by using Sander's voters she could hit 15% National Polling which would get her into the debates."

"Her debate strategy was to use a targeted virus keyed to both Trump and Clinton's DNA to eliminate them after the hand-shakes. Gary Johnson closely guards his genetic material so, if he was viable, she'd have to get him with something airborne that could pass his filtration systems. I don't know if she'd worked that out yet."

"Anyway," he continued, "After Clinton blocked her on the Sanders Absorption, she went ahead with the 'Amish Solution.' What? Oh--she called it that because they'd be the only people left once she was done with everyone. Something like that. Anyway--yeah. She's gone entirely rogue. If someone doesn't stop her it could be catastrophic."

Dr. Jill Stein, aged 66, is the candidate for the United States Green Party. She holds a medical degree from Harvard Medical University and has been involved in progressive activism since 1998. In addition to her political views she has also released multiple musical albums with co-star Ken Selcer and the folk-band Somebody's Sister. She plays the conga, the djembe drums, and the guitar.