BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Scandal - Murder For Hire

Author Peter Schweizer is back--following up his bombshell Clinton Cash with new uncovered revelations revealing a murder-for-hire organization with global reach. Sources inside the far-reaching octopus that is the Clinton Foundation have discovered a wing of the organization, run out of Culpeper Virginia, that operates a string of orphanages across the United States and even outside the country.

Subjects from these "orphanages" are genetically tested and those with the highest potential are "adopted" to the clandestine training base to be raised as programmable killers. These Clintonites are available to world leaders for prices in the millions of dollars.

Said Schweizer: "When the Clinton Foundation Haiti hospital-scam was debunked by the Washington Post I assumed it was the standard liberal Fact-Checking garbage--but on looking deeper I found out why everyone is telling the same story: they're scared to death of these people--and they ought to be."

Schweizer, a widower with no children and recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, told us that, impersonating an agent of a dictator, he was able to tour the training facility. What he saw there was convincing and terrifying.

"They're raised to treat the Clintons as gods. Girls are trained in sexual arts--and are, of course, made available to Bill--no surprise there--but both genders are deadly. I saw demolitions, unarmed martial arts, the use of untraceable poisons, knife fighting, and some kind of 'hypnosis' technique that was supposed to be able to stop the heart of highly suggestible victims."

Following the money, Schweizer says that the major donations are funneled through Saudi Arabia from places such as Russia, North Korea, and Latervia. This money is "cleansed" by the Foundation starting massive projects to aid the poor and then siphoning off the money at a rapid rate.

"On the books it looks like simple graft--a Foundation running out of control thanks to basic avarice and and a belief that the founders, as 'American Royalty' are untouchable. However, under the hood, it's darker--much darker."

The details of his investigation and footage taken inside the training compound will be released in 'fictional' Hollywood movies as making actual films would prove too dangerous for anyone to undertake.

"D'Sousa is interested, of course--but he wants to live too. If you see his upcoming 'Hitman 48' (Summer, '18 from FOX) a lot of it is in there. You'll see the Scalia kill. A technical breakdown of the Foster thing--including him being rolled up in carpet--this goes way back--and other stuff. Don't take it as fiction--you've got to understand: All this is real."

We'll be waiting.