Trump Needs Clicks!! PLEASE HELP

Folks, this country hangs in the balance. Last night we watched the Democrats try to steal Republican values right under our noses. Praise for Reagan? Praise for police? Optimism about the current state of America? Don't let them get away with this.

There is a committed information ecosystem devoted to Making America Great Again--that's conservative web-based media. They, and Trump, need your clicks. Please post and share any and all conservative stories on Social Media. That includes RealTrueNews--but even if you don't share our stories, you need to get the Truth out.

Remember: We don't trust The Media and can't trust the Fact Checkers. When FOX News hit #1, they started looking for ways to take it down. They claimed a scalp with "blow jobs." Look, even if their charges were true, that would just mean Roger Alies was a 'Job Creator' and we know how much Democrats hate that.

When O'Rilely talks about how black people were actually clothed, housed, and fed--all facts--all they can do is claim he's defending Slavery. Guys--he wasn't talking about Obamacare.

So please, click on the stories from the people you trust. Share them. If liberals come back and tell you they're lies? Send them here.

It'll INFURIATE them!