Bernie Delegates Replaced With Crisis Actors, White Noise Machines

Our insiders at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia have reported that for Queen Hillary's speech, any Sanders Delegate who does not sign both a legally binding document and an NDA will be replaced by a Crisis Actor (the same pool of people who are used to run the drills that power False Flag shootings). The non-conforming delegates have been, according to our reports, zip-tied and injected with an unknown substance. They were then loaded, "like firewood," into trucks marked MorningStar Farms outside of the convention center.

In order to prevent any disruption of Hillary Rodham Clinton's speech, massive "White Noise" generators have been installed in the seating, replacing the fractious delegates. These powerful noise-suppression machines can be lowered from the ceiling rapidly on a set of tracks and robotic arms.

This is a non-Democratic and probably illegal act being perpetrated blatantly against Sanders supporters with the help of what appear to be para-military soldiers operating on American soil using United Nations radio codes. If you are a Sanders delegate we advise you to LEAVE the BUILDING immediately.

Whatever Hillary has planned for you, it can't be good.