EXPOSED: DNC Mind Control During Bernie Speech!!

Last night, while we were watching the Democrat National Convention with a mixture of amusement and horror, our offices received a fax from our contributor Projekt Pyramid. The number appears to have been an anonymous e-Fax account (as far as we can tell)--but it instructed us to record Sander's speech and gave specific 1/10th of a second timing points to examine the frames.

What we found was chilling.

What you see above was watched by millions of die-hard Sanders supporters. It's an image that flashed for well less than a second on the projection screen above Sen. Sander's head. The image was there and gone too fast for the human mind to acknowledge but, studies show, it is still stored in the brain. The image? A dead bird.

It wasn't the only one.

When Sanders was leaving the stage?

Superimposed on the back-drop, for mere moments? A noose.

When Sanders told the crowd there were things he and "Madame Hillary" did not agree on? Two images flashed:

These are suits of the Tarot Card deck, an occult card-deck used in divination prognostication. They are the Nine of Swords--hopelessness, despair, and misery. And The Tower: destruction.

The meanings are clear:

  1. The Dead Bird: The end of hope and the death of the dream. "Birdie Sanders" was so-nicknamed when a small bird perched on his podium during a speech. It was seen as an omen of hope and renewal. The DNC has killed it.

  2. The Noose: Death. Sanders is leaving to his execution. His movement is over.

  3. Despair and Destruction: Disagreement with Hillary brings misery and misfortune--the loss of everything loved.

The media cameras noted supporters openly sobbing during his speech. Now we know why. These techniques were developed by the CIA during the 60's with MKULTRA and Project Monarch. It is clear that the Democrats will use any method--no matter how unscrupulous to get and maintain their grip on power. Be warned. If you are at the convention, we advise leaving immediately---and don't drink any of the free water they're handing out. Who knows what it's laced with.