ONLY Trump & Putin Can Stand Up To Hillary!!

So they just crammed Hillary and Tim Kaine down our throats. The DNC played favorites, cheated voters, selected Republican Tim Kaine--just to rub our noses in it--and THEN. THEN they had a session where they had to BAR THE DOORS against Bernie delegates so they could HOLD A VOTE against SANDERS to keep their precious totalitarian Super Delegates.

It's illegal. They should ALL be arrested.

It turns out there's only ONE set of people who can stand up to Hillary and the DNC. It isn't the Republicans. Not exactly. It isn't the police. It sure isn't the FBI. Who is it? Well, it's Donald Trump--who I hate--and Vladimir Putin--who I don't know a lot about.

My dad was in the stupid army for years in some kind of "intelligence" job and he keeps saying that Putin is behind Wikileaks. Well, I say, if that's the case then he's a FRIEND OF AMERICA. He's the guy who released the DNC Emails when NO ONE ELSE WOULD.

He's the guy who showed OBAMA to be an EMPTY SUIT who is more interested in DRONE MURDERING Arabs than in freedom or Democracy (Obama endorsed Hillary before even the convention--tells you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW).

Also: my dad HATES Putin. That tells me he's probably a pretty good, freedom-oriented guy. Maybe new-agey? My dad hates new-agey people too.

So I say, if Trump and Putin are a team then we should stand with them. They're the ONLY PEOPLE who will tell the TRUTH about Clinton and the DNC and, well, America right now.

Maybe they should run on the same ticket: TRUMP/PUTIN - TIME FOR TRUTH!

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