I HATE 2016. It's been the WORST year.I have never been more demoralized or less hopeful for the future of our country and the WORLD. For starters, they keep giving me the run-around on my disability. I swear, the US ARMY lets you be a conscious objector to VIOLENCE but I can't be a CONSCIOUS OBJECTOR to CAPITALISM. That's STUPID.

WORSE: my roommate--although she's a nice person at heart--KEEPS TRYING TO GET ME A JOB AT HER COMPANY. I know she means well but I am NOT going to become a slave to the time clock or some boss-lady. I'm not going to put on a clown-uniform and dance for the elites for my food (and her telling me I can work from home in my pajamas on days I'm doing "Quality Assurance" doesn't make it ANY DIFFERENT, thank you very much).

But the WORST has been how my future was stolen. Sanders was our only hope against the capitalist corruption, the corporatist avarice, and the consumerist hypnotism that has TAKEN OVER America. We knew he was robbed in the election through voter fraud. I KNEW that Hillary had a plot to KILL HIM and replace him with a body double--he lived, I think--but it was close--but until NOW I never had realized JUST how evil and malignant the Democratic National Committee really was.

How did I realize this? Wikileaks. Wikileaks is the only "honest website" (other than The Intercept and RealTrueNews) that isn't afraid to publish The Truth. They get hot tips from everywhere and they release it to the world. In this case they just released 20 THOUSAND emails from the Democratic National Committee Hack that show what was going on behind the curtain. Namely: that the DNC ALWAYS wanted Sanders to Lose. ALWAYS wanted Hillary to WIN--and HATED real progressives.

I felt cheated when the FBI failed to indict Hillary. I felt betrayed when they said that the hacker who had the GOODS on Hillary LIED (Guccifer. I love that name! I hope it's his real name--he's ROMANIAN). But THIS is the REAL stuff. Here is an email, STRAIGHT FROM WIKILEAKS--that PROVES just how evil Debbie Wasserman Schultz and all the REST of them REALLY ARE. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND ANYONE WHO LIKES BERNIE!!