Democrat Operatives SMEAR RNC AS RACIST

The Republican National Convention was a rousing success with the audience brought to its feet multiple times by the finest and loudest acceptance speech EVER. The Democrats, stewing in chaos, envy, and turmoil could not allow this magnificent event to go untarnished. Our insiders have shown that multiple operatives from the Democratic party worked to smear the convention with allegations of racism. Real True News has acquired the block-buster data below, skimmed directly off the electronic devices of the Democrat operatives. SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT THEY'RE CAPABLE OF!!

During the RNC the media was all over the GOP for:

  • A shutdown of the conventions chat servers due to "racist, antisemitic comments"

  • A "Trump delegate" was thrown out due to white-nationalist tweets.

  • During Trump's nomination, a white supremacist tweet was displayed.

We have PROOF that these incidents were STAGED by the Hillary campaign!