Last night Ted ("Raphael") Cruz addressed the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump has been declared the Republican Nominee for President. Refusing to endorse Mr. Trump, instead Ted Cruz issued what liberals call a "dog whistle"--a term with 'secret meaning' to the Never Trump faction when he urged voters to "Vote Their Conscience"--meaning to vote for anyone but Trump--in November.

If this weren't bad enough, we have learned that Lyin' Ted's reward for his snake-in-the-grass betrayal is to have a headliner spot at the Democrat's National Convention in Philadelphia next week. Speaking with a Ted Cruz insider we learned that that this was a specific quid-pro-quo on the part of Hillary Clinton to Cruz himself.

"Cruz knows he can't beat Donald," our insider said. "His only hope is to get Hillary elected and then, when her first term is an utter disaster, he will run for president of whatever is left of the country. He knows that the networks will focus on the Democrat Convention more than the GOP one. It's his only chance to reach the millions and millions of people who need, desperately, to hear his message. Heck--he might even endorse Clinton if that's what it takes to get him on the big-screen."

When asked if Ted knew how bad that would be for America, our source stated: "Of course. Of course. Under a Hillary administration we would abandon our strategic allies, open meaningless trade wars with our largest partners, create billion dollar infrastructure boondoggles, and focus on racial division and hatred. But Cruz knows that's the only way he can get elected--it's what 'conservatives' have been saying since, oh, 2012 or so."

We have to hope he fails.