Hillary Hackers Put Words In Melania's Mouth!!

Meliana Trump doesn't have Donald's mastery of rhetoric so, like almost every person on the big stage--and certainly like Barack Hussein Obama, she uses a teleprompter. This is a fine thing to do so long as you don't rely on it as a crutch as our current 'president' does--but it also has some problems when facing an utterly unscrupulous anything-goes opponent like Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Our sources say that it's clear that last night the RNC's servers were hacked and the teleprompter that Melania Trump was speaking from was loaded with Michelle Obama's words. Speaking before a massive RNC audience, a visibly nervous (who wouldn't be--for their first time out) Melania used words that had previously come out FLOTUS's mouth.

This attempt to make her look like an unpatriotic crazed left-wing academic will surely backfire--but it should show everyone watching that nothing is off limits with Hillary Clinton's dirty-tricks crew and there is no distance they will not go to win.